i went in for my treatment and consult on the 14th of feb @ sona medspa in nashville, tn.
i had a long talk with the assistant manager. she was very nice and helpful. she did try to dance around with me a bit on various topics. and come to think of it she really contradicted herself alot. though by the end it was clear that its a risk, whether good or bad and ill just have to see. she was very eager to please me and reassured me alot. when i asked her about lhr inducing hair growth, she said she had read about it and knew of cases. i asked if it was limited to face and back that she knew of and she said that it was not, that it can happen anywhere. she said it had to do with blood flow and if the laser hits a spot for too long it can stimulate blood flow in areas it would otherwise not be flowing, which can induce hair growth. she also told me that sona has been offering a change in schedules, that theyve found in some cases it is best to treat areas earlier, for the hair is weaker in the early anagen stage. so theyll treat every 8wks instead of making you wait longer. she said everyone is different and that if im seeing enough hair returning to justify treatment, i should get on an earlier schedule.and shes working on getting my charts from previous treatments @ the sona in st. louis, in hopes that it will help my case. im just glad that she seems really willing to work with me, so that i can get the best results possible. the laser used is an alexandrite apogee 6200 made by cynosure. settings used on first treatment 19/20 for happy trail and feet, then 19/40 for full bikini. she said that w/ every treatment they turn up the energy. im not sure what the settings were at this time around with happy trail and full bikini though ill post them next time i talk w/ my consultant. i definitely felt increased power in the bikini area (it hurt bad), though not much on the trail (bearly felt it at all). i may ask that they not turn up the joules on the bikini anymore but to turn it up for the trail. im considering putting off or ending my feet treatments, they seem to be at a somewhat satisfactory pt. and i want to see if the hair will become coarser or darker w/ time or if hair growth has been induced. plus my consultant said since ive sunk so much moola into this w/ sona i can use prepayed treatments as i choose, if i find i dont need them for the original site. ill keep posting, as i can.

good luck to everyone, unwanted hair can be such a burden.