Update- with Pics taken on 6-4-2015

The first two pics were taken right before my appointment last week.

The last three are pics taken right after my electrolysis appointment with Mila last Thursday. At first it was fine, but shortly after there were so many scabs on my face. She said not to touch the scabs and let them fall out. They will probably leave brown marks for some time even after the scabs fall off. She said to use neosporin. She was pretty professional. I was afraid that I would feel uncomfortable, but actually I felt quite comfortable. She didn’t talk too much, she made sure to try to not only work fast (because I had a LOT of hair by that point - 16 days). She did my jaw, a few hairs on my moustache, and most hairs on my breast. She wasn’t sure she could even get my jaw before we started, but she was able to do most of everything.When she put the probe into the hairs, she gave it two currents whenever the hair was hard to come out. At the end, she put aloe on it.

Now, at the end of the session, she asked me if I can come twice a week. I told her I can only afford biweekly sessions, but I would switch up as soon as I can afford more. So I have another session coming up next Thursday (the 18th).

Overall, I like her. I am glad I picked her.

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