Update of treatment

Hi everyone, I thought it was about time to post an update of my treatments. It has been about 2 weeks since my 5th full treatment of the penis shaft. I believe I am starting to really see results. After my third treatment I was starting to panic, as there seemed to be MORE hair than after the 2nd treatment. But after the 4th things really started to improve, and now after the 5th I am starting to get excited that it’s really working and the hair will soon be gone for good. On a down note, I have been plagued by horrible ingrown hairs, which seem to be a real problem with electrolysis, but now that there is so much less hair, [color:“red”] [/color] there is also much less ingrowns. MUCH LESS.
Dee or James, if you read this - a quick question. Yesterday two ingrown hairs finally released, and they are about 3/4 of an inch long. My next appointment is not for about 2 weeks. These hairs have probably been ingrown for a while and I’m wondering if I will miss the “growth phase” if I wait 2 weeks to treat them - maybe I already have? Should I go immediately just for a couple hairs, or can I wait until my next appointment? TIA

All sounds really good, redhead. It’s easy to sense your excitement and thanks for the update as I have wondered how things have been going for you.

Personally speaking, if you are going in for another appointment in just 2 weeks, I think those two hairs can wait. The main thing is that they are out above the skin and “probably” in a treatable stage.

Are you still getting the lidocaine injections? Refresh my memory, are you having blend done or manual thermolysis?


Hi Dee, yes I’m still getting the injections and she is using Blend (She has been doing the injections for free the last 3 times). She tried to treat a few hairs without the injections last time, but it was really painful. I suppose that when there are very few hairs being treated per visit that I will just go with a topical. Maybe next time…I’ll have to see how much grows over the next couple weeks.