Update after 4th treatment

Okay. Well I have just recently had my 4th treatment.

Prior to my 4th treatment I was only going to do my stomach and leave the chest. However, I decide I would go for one more on the chest. That will be the final treatment there.

I will wait and see how the stomach goes however I am leaning towards having no more treatments.

Visually speaking before my 4th treatment it looked like I didn’t have hair from 2 metres away. So, I have seen a visual reduction in density and thickness of the hair. This is all I was really after in the beginning, before I commenced treatment.

I would have to say this. If you are after complete removal go with electro, mostly likely you will probably be disapointed with laser.

At the moment I am satisfied and I believe my money was well spent. Money was never an issue to begin with as I put aside for this however if you are after a visual reduction, laser is a good option and it will be money well spent.

So I will be leaving it for the next 12 weeks and within that time I’ll keep you updated.