Untreated hairs

I am currently having laser hair removal on my chest, stomach, shoulders and underarms. I am a male of Indian origin. The laser my therapist uses is the ND YAG laser.

After my second treatment, there was a small line of hair remaining just under my right nipple, which I only noticed after the shedding process. I do not shave in between treatments. I only shave once before each treatment.

I was a bit concerned about this line of hair, as it looked like my therapist may have missed this section. When I started getting regrowth, this line of hair became less noticeable, as it blended in with my regrowth.

After my third treatment, the line of hair is still there but it’s not as bad as before. However, this time I also have another line of hair by my belly button and a few other lines, which I have only noticed after the shedding process.

I am concerned that these are untreated areas. What do you think I should do? I showed my therapist who said that these lines of hair will go away after more treatments, but I feel I should I have them redone now before my next treatment to help even it out. I do not want to be left with obvious lines of hair.

Please have a look at the photograph I have attached, which shows the line of hair after my third treatment, which I had about 16 days ago. I am due my fourth treatment in over two weeks time.

Any help/suggestions will be most appreciated, as I have been very worried about this. I am aiming to still have some hair in these areas and not complete hair removal, and so I don’t want to end up with lines of hair. However, if my regrowth becomes very soft and fine hair, then I guess the lines of ‘untreated’ areas will be less obvious, which I could live with, but I wouldn’t like to have what you can see in the photograph.

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Line of untreated hair after third treatment

Generally speaking any missed areas or “stripes” should be treated when they become apparent. Not all laser clinics consider this necessary, but then most have little or no training in hair growth cycles. As long as you have one or two missed areas as small as that seen in the photo, efficacy should not be affected and I would not worry about getting the “stripes” treated. If you are concerned about the cosmetic appearance, just shave until your next treatment.

Where I worked we had a policy of treating missed area’s within 2 weeks. It was free for the person. If it bothers you go back and show them and complain. You could ask to talk to your tech about it, if she says she won’t do it for free then ask for the manager/owner.

In the end it won’t be noticeable if these missed area’s get treated several times in the future.

Your laser tech should have basic knowledge on the hair cycles since ALL laser manufacturers and laser clinics realize how important the cycles are. Its the ones who lie to get you in sooner is the problem.

Thank you both for your replies. I really appreciate your time in replying to my post, as I’ve been so worried about this. As I am aiming for some hair to remain in these areas to look as natural as can be, untreated areas of hair are a real concern.

I went in today to get the strips of untreated hair retouched. The therapist was happy to do this and I was nervous about asking. She marked the strips out first with a pencil, then shaved the hair and then applied the laser over the missed strips and she also applied the laser around 2 to 3 cm around the missed strip as well. Is this okay? I don’t want to have patches.

When I got home, I also noticed that about a centimetre of one of the strips was not shaved or treated. I think I might just leave this until the next treatment.

Please advise what is the best action to take if there are strips of untreated hair. I understand now that they have to be treated within two weeks but should the laser go around the area of the missed strip as well. Also, should I be so worried about missed strips. Would it be possible for me to treat them with electrolysis at the end of all my laser treatments?

I am on my third session and going to have my fourth one soon. I am having some good results. It is just the strips of untreated hair that I am unhappy with. The regrowth is quite even - not as patchy as expected. I just want there to be no strips of dark, thicker hairs. Will my hair regrowth be soft fine hairs eventually? If this is the case, then the strips (if still there) will be less obvious and I could live with that. How much time should I leave between treatment to get the best effective results for even regrowth?

Any help on my experience will be most appreciated.

It should be fine. You may notice these patches for 2 or 3 treatments but after you continue on they will blend in. Any missed hairs will be lasered in a future session and like I said: will blend together. If they don’t after your series of treatments, you can ask they do an extra treatment just on the missed area.

Yes electrolysis can remove the leftover hairs. Just remember laser will leave the finer hairs behind and that electrolysis is almost always need if you want 100% removal.

The laser can go on top of the 2 week treated patched areas.