unsure of electrolysis

I am new to this site and am unsure if electrolysis is the right choice for me. Although I do have many fine light hairs on my chin and neck, I can deal with those. In the past few months, some of the hairs on my neck have become long and dark. I also have some dark coarse hairs that are on my chin. I have plucked the ones on my chin and bleached the ones on my neck. The ones that won’t take the bleach, I have plucked in frustration. Is it possible to have just the longer darker hairs done with electrolysis? Do you think I will continue to have more dark hairs poke out? Also, if anyone has any referrals for the northern chicago suburbs, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

You have written that you have many fine light hairs on my chin and neck and can deal with those. If you are just beginning to see coarse dark hairs in other areas, you could be in the early stages of accelerated hair growth. Those fine, light hairs are vellus, and if they become longer and coarser and darker over time you might have some genetic or hormonal things going on.

Electrology treatments are the only way to stay on top of this.

It is acceptable to bleach any of the hair, and to bleach it often will lighten those stubborn ones. It is important to stop tweezing the hairs. Several things can happen with the repeated tweezing. You can damage your skin with the picking that seems to go along with it, and you might encourage ingrown hairs and a coarsening of the hair.

It is possible to have the longer darker hairs treated with electrology and it can be done if they were bleached. A good electrologist will recognize the terminal hair even if it is bleached.