Unruly, untameable hair! What can I do?

Hi there
I’m one of those unlucky girls with one asian parent + one european parent = dark coarse hair everywhere. I have it on my legs, underarms, stomach, pubic area (totally untameable) backside, feet, toes, upper lip, thick dark eyebrows and breasts. I never ever shave, but I made the terrible mistake of realising I have slightly visible hair on my breasts and deciding to wax it…now its far more visible the ever. In terms of the hair, its around the areola but also on the breast itself and in between so its really all over. I realise that when I waxed it, it must’ve broken off and not been pulled from the root but I’m really just too worried to try it again as its quite difficult to do. Also I refuse to go and get it done professionally as its really very embarrassing. I don’t know what to do with my hair as its very difficult, I once tried hair removal cream on my underarms and the hair grew back as if I had shaved it so I’m never trying that again.

What can I do? What’s recommended for really dark, thick, coarse hair that refuses to be tamed?
p.s. I just don’t have the money for electrolysis :frowning:

Thank you for any advice!

For the breast area, if you were in your teens when you waxed, you would have developed more hair in this area over time anyway. Also, waxing in hormonally sensitive areas can cause the growth to become thicker, so you may well have succeeded in waxing.

Legs, underarms, bikini area, feet and toes = Laser
[If done right, you can get a decent reduction to make the hair manageable in about 3 treatments. Some may disagree but myself, my sister, my cousin and my friend (who all went about things the same way as me) got the same results]
The rest = Electrolysis

Temporary methods:
Legs, underarms, bikini area, feet and toes = Waxing
Get yourself a professional wax heater and professional waxes. Learn how you wax yourself. It makes a big difference. If the underarms and bikini area are too much, you can have these done at a salon every 6 weeks or so.
Breasts = Try bleaching. Boots Smooth Care Hair Lightener.

However, the upper lip, eyebrows and thicker hairs on your breasts that don’t bleach (such as those around the nipples), try and save up for electrolysis. You can thread the facial areas but I’d advise against it because it you ever decide to go for electrolysis, it will make the job more difficult.

For your bikini and underarms, laser hair removal will change your life. It’s great on coarse dense growth and it’s not expensive for these small areas. Please read the FAQs below to learn how to get good results with a good machine.

For smaller areas, electrolysis is best since it removes hairs one by one (5-10 hairs per minute) and can provide precision. Also, you don’t want to treat hairs that aren’t coarse and dense like pubic hair with laser because it can stimulate more growth.

If this is important to you, start saving money. Get a part time job etc. Many places, both laser and electrolysis, take credit cards too.