Unknown hair problem causing depression

Hi there,

I have been having a severe-ish hair problem for the past few months. A couple of years ago I would get a couple of black hairs on my chin but over time it has gotten worse. The past few months have been particularly bad and I also have blonde hair all across my jaw+blonde hair coming up on stomach.

I have been to the doctors and have had an ultrasound and blood test and I don’t have PCOS however I am having another blood test in a month and a half.

I feel like its taking over my life+making me miserable I feel like its the end of the world and its never going to get better (I probably sound very dramatic). I have decided if there is nothing wrong with me medically I am going to get electrolysis but I want to move in a year so I hope it doesn’t take very long and I feel like i can’t get on with my life/ its holding me back until it gets sorted.

Does anyone else feel like this/ have any advice?

Problems arise in life. It’s called "life!’ There will come a day when something happens to you that is completely out of your control; and there will be nothing you can do about it. This is not the case with unwanted hair. Unwanted hair is completely manageable and has a solution.

Having said that, let me tell you that your intense feelings, about unwanted hair, can very easily lead you into believing the swindlers that are "out there’ waiting to take your money … with a great big smile on their fat stupid faces. Indeed, I see this all the time … people who are "desperate’ and think their life is ruined and then get ripped off by frauds, humbugs and downright liars.

So, stop with the feelings and stop with the "taking over my life … depression … and the end of the world.’ Think about this with 100% logic and be calm and rational. The "feelings’ will get you nowhere except in big trouble. I have listened to "the feelings’ for 40+ years and I don’t "do the feelings’ any more … I just remove the hairs and guess what: you remove the hairs … and you remove the "feelings.’

My advice? Just do your homework. Think logically, and before your decide on any treatment protocol … get some idea of the costs and outcome. It just called problem solving … just do it!

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Hi Jessica!

Gosh, you sound like so many of my clients:)

I will say that the way your hair growth seems to be developing is very PCOS-like but if they have done the ultrasound and there are no cysts, and the blood work comes back in the normal female range for di-hydra testosterone, then that does sound promising there isnt a cause for it. Also remember that hormonal based medications, such as birth control, can also contribute to hair growth.

IT takes 9-18 months to completely clear any area permanently. 1 year honestly sounds like calling it a bit tight, but , it can be done if you are getting enough treatment during that time to take care of the problem and the electrologist is working with a good skill level.If you arent, then it will mean you are almost done when you move and should in theory only have a few hairs to deal with, and not the extensive problem you say you have now.

Id like to offer up a little inspiration.

5 weeks ago, I had a girl come to me with what can only be described as a full beard.Actually, she’s a transitioning transgirl. She hadnt shaved in weeks and had a thick coat of hairs over her entire face and neck. She hadnt shaved in weeks at least, if she ever did.She had had previous electrolysis in her home state of new jersey ( for this reason, I’m going to call her “Jersey” . I do not know the details of that treatment, but she sure had a lot of hair! And even better, it was all present to be removed, none of it cut short by shaving.

At this point, my “consult” experience was more or less out of the window, sure I could go over hair growth cycles and how long it would take to go complete the entire process, but I would never be able to see the job through. You see Jersey was up in Ottawa for just 5 weeks. `

Jersey had a simple proposition, I’ve had SOME previous electrolysis, but not for 4 months.I’m here for a month, lets kill some hair while I’m here.

I have to say, I was not prepared for the determination this girl had towards killing the hair on her face. for the past five weeks we have performed electrolysis for 90 minute sessions, an average of 1-2 times a week.She never missed. Never flinched when I tuned up the current. This tough girl I could tell was experiencing some pain issues, but a bad as it might have been, she was just as determined to rid herself of the hair.

Earlier this week, she came in for her usual 90 minute treatment, and at the end of that treatment I was astounded. The beard, was mostly gone. I’m pretty quick ( one client has clocked me at 1250 hairs in a 90 minute session, though I think she missed a few when I was pulling out 10 at a time) but this was outstanding, even for me What I saw looking back at me was what I saw in my own face, 9 months into removal ( and I put in ALOT more hours on myself) . Just a few stray hairs.

Yesterday, was one final 1 hour session. As I write this, she is boarding a plane back to New Jersey. It’s possible she might come back to ottawa again, but who knows when.When I finished with the hour session yesterday all that remained was a few odd stray white hairs on her sideburns , and the biggest smile you have ever seen in your life. That smile, is why I do electrolysis. The absolute PRIDE in what has been accomplished, and the effect it has on reducing or eliminating anxiety.Happy with her treatment, doesnt even begin to describe it. Anxiety over hair ? GONE and replaced with that wonderful proud smile.

total treatment time : 5 1/2 hours booked, I often gave her more 90 minutes rather than an hour, so under 8 hours total.

You want reduce anxiety? Not feel like hair is ruining your life? BE Jersey. Emulate that same dedication and get the job done.Show the same amount of determination and grit. Do that, and under a year treatment time is VERY possible.


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Don’t know if that was intentional or not but
I loved the Coyote Ugly reference you have made.

-It wasnt intentional but now you mention it, yes, I can see that.

Over the years on Hairtell, we have heard hundreds of stories of hopelessness and despair about hair issues. We try to comfort those that are affected by what they think is abnormal hair in all the wrong places.

My never ending struggle with posts like yours boils down to the not so easy answer of revising ones mindset. Changing how one feels changes how one thinks. This pertains to anything in life and I believe all humans struggle to change their mindset through using certain strategies if they truly want to have happiness for all their days to come.

Thanks for sharing your feelings. Im sure others feel as you do.