Uniprobe lite

Alright, so I’ve read just about everything posted around here and I’m understanding that this ( unirpobe lite ) is an decent machine but hard to use? Is that right? I am willing to spend around $500 to try “home electrolysis” If I dont like it I imagine I can sell it on ebay without a huge loss…

I like that machine because I can find it in several different “stores” that look reputable.

It’s better than a One Touch, for sure.

The uniprobe lite is a “thermolysis only” machine. James disagrees with me, but I feel that such a machine is useful for determining whether you have the skills and persistence to stick with electrolysis.

If the answer is yes, then you would get rid of it in favor of a flash-capable machine once your skills advance to the point where you can consistently do accurate insertions in less than about ten seconds. When your insertions are slower than that, the speed of flash won’t help you much.

If the answer is no, then you would get rid of it and go to a pro, which is probably what you should have done in the first place.

I got the Uniprobe Autoblend. It does blend (at its fastest, 2-4 seconds per hair) but not flash. By the time I was nearly done with my project, my skills had advanced to the point that a flash machine would have sped me up considerably. So it’s more of a “tweener” machine, not as good as you ought to have for a serious project but not as cheap as a pure thermo machine.

Hope that helps. I check these forums rarely (only stopping by to post legit Ebay machines) so probably won’t see any replies. PM me if you want to follow up.

I just want to expand the understanding on this subject. I am against Home Users getting thermolysis machines as their first and only machine. Someone starting out can do serious harm with one mistake in treatment setting on a thermolysis/diathermy unit. The treatment takes effect in the blink of an eye. Since galvanic and blend require time to take effect, one has time to realize the setting is too high and abort the overtreatment before it is too late.

Once you get the hang of it, you can step up to a thermo unit and hopefully not have too many bad treatment incidents. Of course, if one just bought a blend machine to start with, one would be able to do galvanic, blend, and thermolysis with the same machine as one’s proficiency increased. That is why they are worth the money.

Someone starting out can do serious harm with one mistake in treatment setting on a thermolysis/diathermy unit. The treatment takes effect in the blink of an eye.

I’m pretty sure the Uniprobe Lite doesn’t do flash. Slow thermo only. That’s what I’m talking about people learning on - a cheap, slow machine to figure out if they have what it takes to do electrolysis.

Seriously considering the purchase of a uniprobe lite, I’ve been looking all over the internet for a decent way to get rid of this nasty body hair, and so far this is the best thing I’ve found in my budget. Assuming that I go with the Do-it-to-each-other method with a friend, how safe will it be to use this machine without any experience? Do you recommend any books or materials to read or view before trying this? How long does the hair have to be, or does it matter? How long will it take to get anywhere with this process? My goal is to remove all the hair from my arms, legs, pubic area, chest, back and shoulders.

I’m interested in the Uniprobe Lite, too. Has anyone here used it and can vouch for its quality?