Uniprobe EP200


I’m a telescope physicist, not an epilator :slight_smile: , but a friend of mine who is a bit shy about English has asked me to ask here if anyone can comment on the relative merits of a Uniprobe EP200 blended epilator and some little-bit-more upmarket model such as the Silhouet-Tone ST-250 (at more than double the price).The Uniprobe seems to be a newer product, and there’re few reviews available about it as yet. It’s made in Poland I think.

BTW, even though I’m asking on behalf of a friend, I’ve become interested in this topic, sort of caught a bit of her passion, and I’m a technical guy, and I gotta say its nice reading the various comments here and seeing how enthusiastic and generally helpful everyone is in this community.

hi Andrew,

If you dig way back in the archives oh hairtell under the SeanaTG account I wrote something about the ep200 a while ago.I’ll save you the effort, the synopsis was that it was cheap enough, but that the proprietary probes ( uniprobes) madeit an unattractive machine. As an electrologist, you like to have access to probes easily, and the uniprobe never saw much adoption, therefore unless you are ordering from TES, I’m not sure where you would get some.

We have a st-250 in the office that one of our electrologists is using at the moment ( since the platinum is away) . I’ve had to use it just once, when my partner was working on the VMC and the apilus was in for repairs before. If I’m honest, I’m not fond of the st-250. The current works well enough, but I found the interface difficult to get used to, but mostly, I detested the foot pedal. I use my foot pedal constantly when I work and smooth easy operation enhances my efficiency, a clunky rubber coated one, slows me down a piece.

It would help if we knew what country you were in, others may be able to suggest a better epilator .


While I’ve never tried uniprobe probes, I know you can buy probes from them directly at electricspa.com

I have bought “daisy” cords from them though. $8 for a the probe holder (which never breaks) and $12 for a cord, versus the, what, $50 or whatever Dectro charges for a replacement probe holder?



Thanks for the replies.

I’ve used Uniprobes in the past and was very happy with their performance. Unless you have a proprietary Uniprobe needle-holder, you will need to buy a small adapter that should fit most F-shank holders. Needle sizes are color-coded and the disposable caps help minimize cross-contamination. Bear in mind that Uniprobes do not have the thick diameter shank like F’s, so there is less current resistance at the needle. You will need to turn down the high-frequency when compared with F’s. The only problem I had was working with very low current. I had my energy level to 0 (zero), yet too much power was delivered at the needle tip when treating fine hair on the upper lip. This was prior to a custom modification to more than double the power output of the machine. This anomaly might be related to the design of a particular epilator. I only tested the Uniprobes with an Instantron SS-69, so I do not know if this issue is inherent with other machines. More than likely, it depends on how an epilator is calibrated. I no longer use the Uniprobe brand because I have switched to the IBP, but overall I was happy with the design and performance of the Uniprobe system.