uniprobe autoblend for sale on eBay

Hey All,

I bought a Uniprobe Autoblend epilator a while back, hoping to do some do-it-yourself electrolysis. I’ve decided to sell it for two reasons. First, I’m moving. Second, I’ve gotten to the point where it’s probably more cost-efficient just to see a professional electrologist. It’s on eBay right now, at


(I hope that link works; if not, just do a search for Uniprobe Autoblend on eBay.)

It’s a good machine, works, reliable. Does both blend and thermolysis. The orignal price was $900 and I have all the original packaging. And I think it’s still under warranty.

Anyway, just passing along the info in case anyone on this forum is interested…it’s a solid machine for a do-it-yourselfer or as an entry-level for an electrologist student. And it’s definitely NOT one of those quack machines you always see on eBay.

take care–