Ok i have had one since 4 years. The thing is i have been plucking it since then and i have to pluck some hair about every 2 days They are thick. So i wanna have electrolysis done there, will the fact that the hair has been plucked so long have any effect on how long it will take to eliminate them?

I don’t know, but would love to… I have plucked for years as well… down to one or two every other day… just a matter of keeping on top of it…

But a permanent solution would be my aim… And my children seem to be heading the same way… Anyone offer a family rate?


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In the case of eyebrows, your plucking will not make any difference in how long it will take to clear, just how much treatment energy will be needed to treat each hair.
Plucking causes hairs to grow thicker and deeper in most areas, and has the ability to stimulate new hair growth in adjacent follicles. Since the eyebrow area is very concentrated in its growth, I would not expect much new recruiting to be going on in most cases.
You can look finished from that first appointment, and the hair will be removed before it is noticeable to anyone (even you if you schedule it right)because your electrologist should be able to clear you out in the first appointment, although it may be a long appointment. After the first treatment, future appointments will be shorter, and scheduled farther apart.
That is, unless you are like the average client who says to him or herself, “If that is all it takes, then I am going to start removing the hair here, there and everywhere else!” Then you will be going every week for the same duration of time for quite a while. :grin: