Unibrow done...


…i think ?

Well its been 2 months since i had 1 session and i am excited to not see ANY regrowth whatsoever.

Or is it too early to get happy ?

How long does it take for regrowth to occurr?


You should be happy, although you are not totally finished yet.
You sound like a prime candidate for being finished in just two more appointments spread out over the next 6 months.


hey mike… i have exactly same problem as u doo, i have a unibrow wich im thinking to take off,i was just wondering if u could help me with some advice about electrosis, if it does work and i have couple ov other questions. here’s my email : hawaiizone@hotmail.com, i was wondering if u could give me ur email or something soo we can talk tnx…

tnx u soo much …


Mike, it’s premature to say you’re done, but you’re on the way…