Undoing Electrolysis?

Hello, a few years ago I got some hair removed in my hairline and arms. I am in love with my arms but am regretting the hairline work because I am missing my old hairline. Is there any way to undo electrolysis? Are hair growing pills, lotions, or anything of the like able to trigger regrowth of the hair removed by electrolysis?? Or are the roots completely removed from the electrolysis? I was under the impression electrolysis just made the roots smaller but didn’t remove them.

Please help me!

electrolysis doesn’t remove roots. it heats up the hair follicle and cuts off the blood supply that hair needs to feed and grow. i do not believe there are specific things that cause hair stimulation short of Rogaine etc. There are some things that do in general, but not sure if you can actually find something that would do this on a very particular area.

So it is possible for hair removed by electrolysis to regrow using a stimulator? What’s left of the root or whatever, is it enough for regrowth ever? Or are they just simply like pores now?

I know of a topical lotion that does stimulate regrowth from experience, but has electrolysis fried it so much that its impossible?

Once a follicle is destroyed by electrolysis, it’s destroyed for good. There are surrounding follicle that could possibly be activated with Rogaine, but that would require a lifetime commitment. There’s always hair transplants.

Thank you for this information. What part(s) are destroyed? And which of those are destroyed so much they can’t be reactivated?

Any hair follicle deactivated by electrolysis will never grow hair ever again. Only other follicles in the general area could grow. Your problem is that while electrolysis can select hairs one by one for removal, you can’t select follicles one by one to grow. You can have hair plugs put in, but that has mixed results as well.

The funny thing is your post disproves all the junk talk about the ineffectiveness of electrolysis. I tell people all the time, make sure that what you ask me to remove you will be able to live with for life, because once I remove it once, most of it is likely gone for good.

…because once I remove it once, most of it is likely gone for good.

Do most hairs you treat with electrolysis die completely with only one treatment? It took me a year to get rid of the stuff in my hairline, and since it was hairline hair it doesn’t grow fast so we were always treating regrowth of hairs already zapped, not completely new hairs.

it’s a % each time, depending on how good the electrologist is etc (i.e. how good the insertion is etc). and no, you were treating BOTH the hairs that weren’t in the growth phase or weren’t properly zapped the first time AND the hairs that were NEW DORMANT hairs throughout the year.