Understanding electrolysis & scars

Hi there. I am currently a transgender woman undergoing electrolysis on my thick, coarse dark beard hair (my tech is using thermolysis). I just wanted to understand something more clearly with regards to scars.

I’m told that should scars appear, they only appear after months. Generally about half a week after I finish a session with my tech, my skin seems like the swelling and slight pinpoint scabbing is completely gone, and it looks pretty nice and smooth in the treated area, with just the expected hair stragglers. I guess I’m kind of paranoid, but if the skin looks like that after about half a week, would I still have to worry about the potential of suddenly coming across onset scars in these areas down the line (knowing the skin takes a long time to heal after treatment?) Like I’m worried everything looks good now but I’ll check the mirror months down the line and it’ll look like uneven texture or boxcar / icepick scars on the treated area that I just then notice. Sorry if this sounds like a silly question, my anxiety really flares up when it comes to hair removal because of the fear of things going wrong over such a long time period. Basically when should I not have to worry about the potential to scar?


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NOT a silly question whatsoever. (Actually, there are no "silly questions.) Indeed, if you are not seeing anything that is concerning … post op … then you have no worries about later scar formation. It sounds like you’re getting excellent treatment … Good Luck. Indeed, this is a long and hard journey.

Normally we advise people, who got over-treated and a really bad reaction, that scar formation will happen many months later after the BAD treatment. (Or it might not happen at all). With a good/nominal post op reaction … you have nothing to worry about.


Thank you! This is very reassuring.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post but I am quite new to electrolysis and around a month ago had my second treatment and since then have what look like holes at the side of my mouth. They don’t seem to be healing and look a little bit red, is this something that will go away or is this likely now a scar? I will post an image but I am very anxious to continue given how it looks as though the surface of this skin is now indented and was wondering if there are any products I should use to help with healing?
Thanks so much in advance for any help on this!

I received treatment on my arms and breast area, I had significant bruising on arms and lines on my breast area.
I understand there are temporary side effects and I’m super patient with the healing. I’m just a little concerned I had electrolysis done on my breast area and after treatment I had red lines connecting the treated follicle. These lines also looked like little scratches or needle dragging. I used aloe and they went away in a few days, is this normal ? I haven’t seen or heard about anything like this before and I am wondering if I should get treatment elsewhere?

Indeed, this would be a first for me too (45-years of practice). “Little red lines” connecting the insertion points? Now, that’s something! Like you say, it sounds like the electrologist dragged the needle on your skin between insertions. That would be, of course (the medical term): “messed-up technique!”

Will that cause permanent scarring that isn’t visible right now? Should I be looking for a new electrologist? Thank you for responding I’m just very worried now

I’ve never heard of anything like this (41 years).

What’s your advice ? What should I do?

Will I have future scarring from this one treatment ?

More than likely not, however it depends on the severity of the skin damage. I would search for another electrologist, but let your skin heal first.

It’s the smallest lightest scab but the bruises I got are pretty significant on my arms, how long do I wait before seeking treatment from another electrologist ? I appreciate so much the advice you have given

Generally, unless you’re on “blood pressure or anti-coagulant” medication, bruising is caused by missing the follicle and poking an adjacent blood vessel. Photo would be nice …

These are both my arms and the bruising the lines have now disappeared so I am hoping no scars, I am on no medication

You will get no scars from the “needle scratches” … way too high in the skin (epidermis only) … scars only from in much deeper tissue; so no worries (guaranteed).

Now, those bruises!! I thought I would see “pin-point” bruising. These look like somebody hit you with a hammer or punched you. Were you my client, I would probably refer you to a physician. These are not normal “oops, I hit a capillary” type bruises. Could somebody insert so deeply they hit a vein? I have no answers for you. Maybe others here can offer some explanation?