i’ve been thinking of having hair on my underarms permanently removed so that i can wear pretty sleeveless tank tops everyday and not worry about anything :smile: i hope someone can supply me with a whole truckload of information on this, like how much would it cost me, is this the best method for this specific body part, how long (how many sessions) will it take and the % chance that hair removal will be absolutely permanent, etc. i’m a 19yo asian female.


Clearing underarm hair in the average person usually takes 1-3 hours (per side), initially, with permanent removal requiring approximately 10-12 hours. Average time is the key phrase here. Without seeing you, or knowing your tolerance level for electrolysis and the amount of hair you have, I can only guesstimate this. The number of hairs removed per hair depends on how big and deep the hair is and whether manual thermolysis or blend is used. Some data suggests that with blend, approximately 150 hairs per hour can be removed and with manual thermolysis 320 hairs can be removed. Again, your tolerance level and the electrologists speed, whether there are ingrown hairs and hair type will cause a variance in these numbers. Do you see why electrologist’s don’t feel comfortable giving iron-clad predictions on time and cost? However, as a consumer, I understand why, you need to have a ball park figure.

Any method of electrolysis will destroy underarm hair permanently. I prefer thermolysis so as to clear the area faster. Thereafter, for stubborn hairs, I will switch to blend.

Yes, the hair will be destroyed 100% if each hair follicle is given the proper amount of heat and time. You must do your part and keep your regular appointments and get a few maintenance sessions after completion for straggler hairs that appear from time to time.

The underarm area tends to be more stable, and clearing the area is not a problem. It’s a great place to start permanent hair removal. You will be so pleased the results. I have been pleased for 20+ years and it has truly been 100% permanent.


Asians usually have less face and body hair, so your time to completion may even be faster. But again, as Dee has mentioned above, it would depend on a number of variables.

Also, it depends on how much of your hair has already grown out. After puberty, you had some hair set in, and the amount kept increasing over several years. Sometimes, new hair (that was never there before) can come in until late 20’s as a result of normal hormonal function. Then, you may need to come back for a quick cleanup from time to time.

Good luck!