Underarms: laser results and deoderant question

I already looked via the search bar but didn’t find this. Does anyone know if deoderant affects laser treatment? I put it on without thinking after showering and didn’t have time before my laser appointment to shower again, I did wash it off in the sink but wondering if I didn’t get it all off, does it affect the treatment if it is lasered and I didn’t get it all off?
Sorry if dumb question but I am curious. I use deoderant-only, not the kind with the antiperspirant if that makes a difference.
Thank you if anyone can answer this

No such thing as a dumb question! Deodorant isn’t the best to have on, cause it can heat up with the laser and burn you. I don’t think it will reduce the effects of the treatment, and if you didn’t get burned, than I wouldn’t worry.

i wouldn’t worry about it. i just wipe it off with a tissue before treatment and it’s been fine