Underarm Pain(!)

Hi all,

I’ve not posted in awhile and don’t mean to be a leech, but I just had to ask for feedback on this. I’ve had three laser sessions done on my underarms, with LightSheer Diode Laser, the first 30 fluence, second 35 fluence, and third 40 fluence. This third time around, the whole area of my underarms feels noticeably SORE a week later. Is this common with the 40 fluence?

My gut reaction is to never go back again for another treatment - the soreness is so disturbing. Even if I don’t get entire reduction and still have hair. Is this a total cop-out? Has anyone else stopped at a few treatments while still growing hair, and do you feel it has been a waste of money?

Thanks for listening and for any insight!


Why not explaine too them the pain you are experiencing. I never had pain lasting more then a few minutes after treatment in the underarm area, and more like a dull ache at that.
It is possible that the fluence used was to high and if you decide to go in again ask that they lower it down a few points. Did the 35J/s cause any pain like this?


im considering laser hair removal for my underarms, but is it more painful than having other areas done in your experience?

My experience is that the underarms can sting a bit more and the pain seems to persist longer then other areas of the body. For me the most painful area was the chest. The underarms contain a lot of glandular structures and it may be that this is why they seem to hurt more??


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Balius: what that because you used LightSheer? Apparently it is more painful

I have only ever been treated with the lightsheer so I can not comment on what other laser systems or IPL would feel like. The pain is caused due to the heating of the tissue in and around the dark part of the hair so I would think for a given level of effectiveness most of the systems would hurt just as much. The only thing that helps of course is having the cooling tip and similar methods used by other systems to reduce the temperature gain within the upper layers of skin were most of the pain receptors reside.


I had my first Ellipse patch test done on my underarms and the pain wasnt that bad…