Under arms ... help ?

So i’m back with a new problem :frowning: what would i do without you ! really thank you all so much <3
I treated my under arms with GentleLase 1 session and a touch up , and lately i found that one of my armpits sweats while the other doesn’t it became dry and that’s not usual for me .
I think it has to do with my laser hair removal .

Any thoughts ? I’m really scared … i think i might have damaged my glands or something :"(

Please HELP ASAP !!!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Keep observing and keep a journal.

You are born with all the hair follicles you will ever have. Some of those follicles have hair growing out of them, some have dormant hair that will come forth whenever Mother Nature decides that it is time to grow and some of the follicles are empty and will never grow a hair. The hairs that LASER can “see” and affect may have had some affect on the the other structures in your hair follicles, such as the sweat glands. The other follicles that have no hairs, cannot be affected by LASER, so you still have functioning sweat glands. I don’t think it is a problem and you shouldn’t worry so much. I am reasoning this out with you and I may be totally off base. Believe me, there are multi-millions of sweat glands that can help regulate body temperature besides what is located on the underarms. What do others think and know about this??? Laser experts? Anatomy professors? Nobody?


This has nothing to do with laser. Laser can’t reach that deep. You’re just probably paying a lot more attention to the area than you normally would.

Apply some aloe vera to the area and you’ll be fine.