unbelievable prices...!!!!

Hi I was looking for the lowest prices for the laser hair removal and I found that clinics in Arizona has thos amazing prices for laser hair removal .
This one clinic uses the Candela GentleLASE PlusTM which is a very good laser (FDA approved for hair reduction) Person doing the treatments is a doctor.
Their prices are:
Upper lip $39
Chin $59
Eyebrow (center) $29
Whole Face (woman) $139
Man’s Beard $189
Side Burns $59
Front of Neck $99
Back of Neck $69
Whole Back $199
Whole Chest $159
Upper Chest (pecks) $89
“Happy Trail” $39
Lower Abdomen $69
Bikini Line $79
“Bikini Plus” $119
Brazilian Bikini $139
Men’s Brazilian $149
Buttocks $89
Underarms $65
Whole Arms & Hands $179
Forearms & Hands $99
Hands (incl. fingers) $49
Shoulders $99
Whole Legs & Feet $269
Lower Legs & Feet $149
Just Knees $59
Feet (incl. toes) $49
(5 Treatments of Each) Total Price*
Brazilian & Underarms $900
Lip & Chin $440
Lower Legs & Bikini $1,000
Whole Back & Back of Neck $1,140
Whole Chest & Abs $1,000
Men’s Brazilian & Abs $950
I live in Indiana. I could go there once every 7-8 weeks pay for round trip ticket and it still would be cheaper than getting treatments here!!!
For the areas I want the hair to be removed I would have to pay here in Indiana around $2000 for 1 treatment.
In Arizona for the same areas I would pay around $650 for one treatment. Adding airplane ticket it would be around $800.
Both clinics has the same laser.
This is unbelievabe.

Hi there. Did you have any other information on the clinic! I would want to take advantage of those prices as well. I cannot seem to find a good doctor in Houston at the moment!


hey there!

I think caution is the word when seeing really low prices…

I can’t help but think “Are they compromising anything??”

I would be much more comfortable paying a bit more and knowing that the clinic is using good equipment, well-trained staff, etc…
Do you think they might be cutting corners anywhere??

Just being wary. (lol)

hard to say if they could be cutting corners anywhere. But it’s not the first clinic I found in arizona that have such a lowe prices. Actually I found two. But the second one has the lowest and guarantee that if you find lower prices then theirs they will beat that price.
I will make a call and tell you what I found out.

hoodieguy believe me I would pay a little more too just to make sure I am being treated by experienced people but we r not talking “little” we talking a $1500 more in my case.

I asked them how much would it be for these body part ?
Legs and feet
whole “brazilian” (pubic area and anus area)
shoulders and upper arms.
For one treatment they quoted me $560
I think that’s a very good price
Here in Indiana i would get my legs done for $560

I Emailed them about their experience and that is what I got:
“We have trained technicians who most have worked here for at least a
year and some since we opened 3 years ago. Burning is a risk that
everyone faces when having laser hair removal treatments. Burning is
usually a result of tanning or sun exposure during treatments and/or
taking photosensitive medications. To be at less of a risk, it is
suggested that your skin color be light and the hair dark. The laser
attracted to pigment, so as you have more pigment in your skin (sun
caused, or heritage) the laser can mistake your skin for hair resulting
in a burn. All of our technicians have been certified through the
manufacturer of our lasers as well as attended continued education
classes from RNs and our medical director who is also an experienced
laser operator. Hope we have answered your question. Thank you”
So would it be wise decision to go and have a treatments in their clinic?

hey hairy,

ya… that sounds totally legit. wish i was closer to take advantage of the offer!

I’m looking at paying $500 (CDN) per treatment here… thats for the entire chest/ab area…

hairy, do u know much about which laser would be more efficient/effective – diode or NG Yag??

it depens from the color of your skin. It’s hard to say.

Once again, I hate to bump an old thread, but I just had my first treatment for my “whole face” which was actually sideburns, chin, and upper lip (I’m a female) for $100. I am in Phoenix, Arizona and we’ve been hit pretty good with ads for laser hair removal, so I researched and took the plunge. If you contact me at crimson (at) technologist.com I would be happy to tell you who I am getting treatments from but I don’t know if I’m “allowed” to on these forums and I don’t want to break the rules. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

The prices you’re seeing ARE true. I researched two clinics and I feel I’ve made a good decision based on the experience of the lady who did my first treatment. Incidentally this place is within minutes of Sky Harbor Airport.

Here are the prices I copied from their website:
Upper Lip
Upper Arms

Lower Arms
Upper Back

Arms Incl. Hands
Bikini Line

Under Arms
Brazillian Wax

Not all places have such good prices in Arizona. I priced them all. The one we settled on was Soft Touch in Tempe. Lina is the Laser Clinician. My son is having his entire face done. It is only $100. The first session took 2 hours! She went slowly with him as it was his first time. If he could take the pain, then anyone can! We decided on Lina not so much because of the price, but because of her knowledge. She gave us so much information at our free consultation. She also did 4 test areas on him. Two on his face, one on the arm and one on the leg. In two weeks he was clean in those areas. I thought it was amazing. She even did a couple of test spots on me so I can feel how it feels. That was very thoughtful. He just had this first session last week, so we are waiting for another week to go by until we see shedding.

If anyone is interested, you can go to www.wfpsofttouch.net or call 480-838-3951 to talk to Lina.