Umm... Cancer?

Okay, so now that I have put the money down and am committed to doing the laser hair removal…

I’m a little worried about the potential for skin cancer.

Are there any studies that have been done? I’ve read that it may cause cancer, I’m just looking for factual data.

So if anyone knows of any factual info regarding cancer, please lemme know!

What did you read that said laser hair removal may cause cancer?

It seems to be a question on this forum sometimes - if you do a search on “cancer” there are 20 threads that come up, mostly people wondering if there is any risk.

So I was just wondering if anyone had seen any factual documentation on such a thing, or if it’s all just a guessing game right now.

There is absolutely no factual documentation of skin cancer directly linked to Laser treatments. But since it is a relatively new technology there is no real long term data either. I look at it this way, Dermatologist that have known my entire family, and are NOT involved in hair removal, have never cautioned me against Laser hair removal, and they are the one’s doing my skin checks for cancer, which is a risk for lightskinned people like myself. If you are not wearing sun screen every single day( I sure don’t), you are probaly putting yourself at a much,much higher risk than even a worse case senario with Laser.

I was under the impression that there was no risk of cancer from laser treatment because the light used in laser was at the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the light that causes cancer. That is, it’s infra-red frequency as opposed to ultra-violet.

IPL, which uses multiple frequencies, I’m not so sure about.

Aitaronz answered very well.

There are a few people (electrologists) trying to tell people directly or indirectly Laser won’t work at all, all hair grow back after Laser, and trying to link Laser with skin cancer, and even radioactivity. Those people are the ones you shouldn’t trust at all.

LHR is not directly linked with cancer. However, you will want to apply sunscreen on the lasered areas (for about six weeks following the last treatment) because the laser can temporarily damage your skin’s natural protection from the sun.