Um, butt crack electrolysis

I am pretty hairy in some places and have been having electrolysis on my breasts and chin, and it is progressing as it should. I’m happy with the results so far. I would like to start treating other areas in the near future, as I think it’s the only hair removal solution for me. My hair is too light for laser to work, and waxing, shaving and sugaring all give me horrific ingrown hairs. Every time I’ve tried waxing (whether I do it myself or go to a salon), my bikini line is covered in red welts within 48 hours, no matter how carefully I follow post-treatment advice, and some of these have left behind scars.
Anyway, the areas I want to have treated are eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, abdomen, bikini area (thighs and maybe a couple of cm inside the bikini line) and also the butt crack. This is the bit I’m most concerned about. I don’t mind the pain, I don’t mind the cost, it’s the embarrassment. I know that a lot of women have hair here but don’t know how common it is to have it removed with electrolysis. Will most therapists even agree to do it or do they find it too intimate? And for electrologists out there who do this, how is it actually done? I had the area waxed a couple of times as part of a Brazilian wax and I had to lie face down and hold my cheeks so they were spread. It was pretty uncomfortable and felt strange, but at least it was quick, unlike electrolysis.
Also, is it feasible to have this many areas treated at once, or is it better to stagger things a bit?
I like electrolysis and just want to ditch the razor for all areas apart from my legs.

If you call electrologists and request hair removal from genital and anal areas, you might get hung up on since over the years, electrologists have received prank phone calls. I suggest that you indicate that you have many areas that you would like to have treated. Go in for the consultation and discuss all of the areas with the electrologist. The “butt crack” as you indicate, can be treated however you will be asked to assist, holding and pulling the skin taut as needed. Its a very challenging area to treat but it can be done.

Anything is feasible, if you give it the time and also have a skilled electrologist who can give you the time. I’ve been staying in the office past 10pm the last few days, and today, will end up going much later. But I don’t have a life right now, lol, so, I can do it, but understandably, most people cannot.

A couple of suggestions for the “butt crack” area: get EMLA cream (covered by insurance) and trim the hairs there before treatment. Good luck!

Where are you located? Someone may be able to help you with finding someone near you who does this.

Thanks for the answers. I’m in London and am willing to travel anywhere in or around the city that can be reached by underground or bus, as I don’t have a car.

I’m an American guy, but am going through this too. Called around to find someone working on male braz and found one - it is becoming more common for the guys, but I think it is very often done for the ladies. Since you’ve done waxing already, you’ve dealt with the awkwardness of requesting this and doing it. For wax (and shaving), I have been in several positions to make it easier for the work. This includes reaching back to hold 'em apart like you said. For electro, this is not practical since my sessions are two hours!

So, I lay roughly on my side with one knee raised upward (toward my chest) a bit. This seems to help her reach in and treat the hairs. For the perineum, I also lay on my back with my heels pressed up against my buttocks, bent knees up and wide apart - rather like (I suspect) a gynecological position :wink: We chat and converse just like a normal visit despite my nakedness and her hands on my intimate regions for a looong time!

Also, I have been surprised at just HOW MANY follicles are in my skin where no sunshine reaches. She works hard and we are reaching a good clearance, but there are so many hairs. So, expect doing this for awhile if you want that perfectly smooth result (like I seek).

Good luck, keep us posted. Sharing helps others to move forward and fine practitioners near them…

I’m doing my full boyzilian by IPL and have completed four treatments. Sessions are not as long as electrolysis, but last about an hour. My front and perineum are done in a nappy changing position (would really uncomfortable to hold legs in the air for a longer time, thus they advice to put heels in retractable stirrups, which are OK for me and the cosmetologist). The butt crack is performed on all fours or just laying on my stomach with cheeks spread with my hands. Any shame must be left at home.

Many thanks to all of you. I am currently doing some research to find an electrologist and plan to start this in the next few weeks.

Can electroysis be done on the bum. I’m talking LNG blonde fine hairs that stick out…

Yes. Electrolysis may be done on any hair, anywhere. The hard part is finding someone to do the work.

I guess electrolysis can be done anywhere but there are lots of small hairs on our bum cracks I think it would be a sensitive area to treat and not really pleasant for the electrolysis.
I plan to eventually have laser done on my bikini area and back hole :confused: when I can afford it. I’m actually on holiday next weekend for 10 days and would love to go and get a wax done so I don’t have to worry about it at all whilst away but am so nervous lol. I think more so them having to do the back as I want a Brazilian I don’t want my cheeks zero hair there but the back passage done which is quite embarrassing, waxing / laser shouldn’t take too long to do for an electrolysis you’ll be laid there quiet a bit taking out the individual hairs in a very sensitive area.

Butt cracks aren’t nearly as sensitive as you might think!

each to their own I personally would prefer a treatment in such area to be over and done with quickly than having someone working a long time hair by hair staring at my butt crack lol.

It may take a long time - I’ve been working on mine for a year now and it is certainly a chore for my electro, and an awkward position for me. Some spots sting quite a bit and other just a few mm away are no pain at all - surprising!

Hummm … “intergluteal cleft,” AKA “butt crack.”

Think “Duct Tape” and local anesthetic. (Use your imagination) … and no BEANS for at least 24 hours beforehand. (Actually, I’ve worked out a protocol for this area: three times and done.)

For the operator? Sometimes a “Binks double-filter respirator” works great. Also, have some medical-grade “Ozium” handy at all times, just in case the client forgot about the “beans!” Or just “run for the hills” for a minute. Wear your running shoes.

I had a butt crack lady and she did well with the sensation. She brought an anesthetic spray, Lidocaine, I believe and she sprayed herself a couple times during the session. She helped with stretching the area, too.

It was pretty slippery for me to work with the area being sprayed with an oily substance, but I endured.

Another problem - her religion did not permit her to be fully unclothed, so, I had to work around a long robe and underwear (which was really, long underwear) had to be pull and stretched away to reach just the area I could work on at the time. She did take off her head covering though, but u wasn’t working on her head!

She is finished. The hairs were not too plentiful and they slid out perfectly well. I did have to work with a bent probe and so all kinds of Serena and Venus Williams back handed maneuvers. Come to think of it, I should have charged more for my very skillful way of removing hair, with all the obstacles presented to me! Yal!