Ultrasoft for thermocoagulation, etc

Hi there, I’m just wondering how the Ultrasoft machine holds up for both thermocoagulation (skin imperfections) as well as hair removal? I’m not familiar with this particular machine…but I’m guessing it’s the older version of the Silhouet-Tone Blend? I’m considering purchasing one for under $500…

I have never heard of the UltraS. Do you have a close up picture of the controls or an instruction book?

I’ve seen them If I had to hazard a guess as to when they were made its 70-80s vintage. I couldnt tell you anything else about them however.

saw this " https://opensale.ca/oc-content/uploads/97/728.jpg

Yup…that’s exactly it. I guess, at a price point of almost $500, it isn’t worth it–as it is vintage and would most likely need to be recalibrated, no support, etc. Thank you!

Ultrasoft is a trademark and brand of Canadian manufacturer Depilamax Electrolysis Equipment, Inc. They usually do all modalities. There was a user on here who has the Ultra Soft US 100.

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actually for $500 or less you are pretty much baselined on price and still maybe get a functional machine. It IS a vintage machine but I’ve seen old silouette tones still being used in a production environment 30-40 years later. They dont always require calibration, though sometimes they do. Best bet is to physically test the equipment on egg white and then if safe, yourself, to verify its operability, but if after doing that you still have a functional machine , then $500 isnt too much money for it.