UK - how much are you paying for blend for 1 hour?

hi, i just wondered how much i should expect to pay for hourly sessions? also are there any recommendations for blend in the north west or west midlands or north wales areas? (i’ve seen the British institute list.) Thanks


I’m in London. I pay £54 for an hour and that’s on a prepaid package of 6 hours that I can use as I wish (minimum 15min apppointment).


I’m in kent and have only been for two consultations so far. I’ve been quoted approx £60 per hour.

thankyou both :slight_smile:

(i’ve paid over the odds for 1 session but she is very good)


The lady I went to see today charges £75 per hour. She uses an Apilus machine, so I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more tbh.

i’d just like to correct what i said above, as the lady i saw has dropped her prices to £45 per hour, she uses an Apilus, is very good, and hopefully, it won’t be too long before i see her again!

Wow! Thats a really good price, Sarah.

A stroke of luck for once! I wish you well on your journey Pokka…

I am paying £45 per hour - apilus machine too. But I am in north of uk.

i’m in the north too, had another session today, she is amazing.

hey sarah, if you dont mind me asking where abouts in the north? I’m in the process of sampling electros just to be sure i get the best care as my skin takes ages to heal!!


bec x

hello bec,

i’m in the north west, i assume you’re in the north east. I have just read through your posts a little. It might not be the case with you, but i personally get pitting with any kind of product used on my skin, so i can’t have any kind of product applied to my skin at all. Just a thought but have you mentioned to your doctor about your hair. Even if your periods are regular you still can sometimes have a hormonal condition such as PCOS. I’ve never tried taking the medication they sometimes offer if you do have a hormonal problem, but some people find it helps. PM’d you.

thanks sarah, ive messaged you back xx

np bec

Hi guys I charge 32 an hour and use blend method sterex sx practise is in gravesend kent feel free to email me on