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Still Shaving?
Tired of Razor Burn or Ingrown Hairs? UHAsport dot com
How About a Solution?

Eliminate your unwanted body hair easily and safely with UHA Sport™. It works great on men, and even better on women. It can be used anywhere and will cause absolutely no irritation, unlike other hair removal products and procedures. Use it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. For details visit our web site at UHASport dot com

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Now you can be hair free in just a few weeks with the product that has been helping athletes since 1997. Guaranteed! For questions or to order call our hotline at 1-800-601-9309 any time. Or contact us by email at [info at UHASport dot com]

Act now! This offer expires on 04/30/2003 and it applies only to the first 100 orders* generated by this email.


Westlake Laboratories
[UHASport dot com]
*Offer valid only for new customers.

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i was looking in the yellow pages for an electrologist in my area, and i came across one who also advertised UHA along with electrolysis. should i be wary in considering getting them to do electrolysis? :confused: