Types of electrolysis machines


I know that firstly the skill of the electrologist that makes the most difference to the efficacy of the treatment. Just wanted to ask what type of machines are considered best in the UK? -as not many electrologists have the Apilus in Kent, UK.

So far I have found that many use the Stridex machines.

One lady I spoke to today said she uses a Colten Classic, I searched but could not find any info on the forum. Does anyone know anything about this machine?

Another lady refrained from telling me what machine she uses but instead said that it is not the machine but the professionals’ ability and skill that matters most. Which is what has been said many time in various posts on this forum.

Thank you in advance.

Sterex are British made, so are the most used model in the UK. I have not heard of a Colton Classic. However, skill is the most important factor, so you are on the right track.

coconnell, can I ask your opinion? Is it worth the 30 minute extra drive to a professional that uses Apilus? Thanks for your input.

Skill matters most. Tools are next. Apilus makes great epilators for sure. The upper models are awesome. We always advise you to check out as many electrologists as possible, even if they are thirty minutes away. Some of my clients drive three hours or more to see me and I don’t know how they do it. It is not something I could do.

Hi Dee, Thank you for your input. It would be 1.5 hours each way, but I will definitely consider this may be a good investment of time.

Pokka, you will find out more when you go for consults and test patches but I have a feeling that what you lose in journey time to the Apilus clinic, you will make up in shorter treatment times to achieve your clearance.

Hi, again, Stopit,

I see, Thank you, that’s exactly what I needed to know. Only thing now is I can’t find the Apilus clinic in the BIAE directory…

Yea, I do not think the electrologist has BIAE certification.

Stephanie Everett C&G BABTAC

I would not let that put you off going for a consultation though. The fact that they have invested in this technology and seem to treat TS clients too sounds promising.

I’m sure there are many good electrologists in the UK who don’t have BIAE registration, which is why it seems to us like there are so few good electrologists.

Good points, Stopit. I was thinking that maybe the BIAE continually refresher train their members? and therefore why it’s recommended to go to a BIAE registered electrologist…

I will book in for a consultation, I don’t think I have any time avail this week now but I’ll try.


Hi everyone,

I found some info on the Carlton Classic.

I could never get anywhere with the epilators I see in these pictures. These unit look very basic and would frustrate me personally knowing what I know about the high end models of Apilus and Sil-houet-Tone brands, in particular. I’m sure the Carlton models work or they wouldn’t be sold to electrologists. However, I know there are better, faster,and more powerful ways of doing this that are less frustrating to the client and electrologist. Just know that you will still get permanent hair removal with any professional epilator and so it is said,there are many paths taken and some are smoother and easier than others. Some may walk, some may ride a bike, some may take a car and some may get to their destination by jet, but they all get there. Same goes for electrolysis.

Uk Apilus platinum clinic near Oxford:

Lulu’s beauty care

Another Apilus in Norwich:

Pampers Beauty Centre

Plymouth clinic using an Apilus:

Havannas clinic