Type III - IV Skin Looking for Advice!

Hello all!

I am a 30yr old Latino young male, who has now had 7 treatments with both Candela GentleLase and GentleYag. At the conclusion of these treatments for my beard, I experienced no regrowth of my entire face (except for two patches)for the whole summer (3 months)! Yes! However, two weeks ago I noticed some very fine hair regrowing along with growth of the two patches that never really responded. Thus, I sought another treatment (this time with a practitioner in a Dermatologist’s office - who spoke & examined me immediately before and after treatment - very professional and he consulted on settings, etc. with the aesthetician before treatment). I am now again using the Candela GentleLase @ 18mm spot size, 12joules (though she didn’t think going above 14 would be wise). I have excellent reaction post-treatment with only slight redness and swelling which quickly resolves in about 3 hours. I typically see shedding 2 weeks post-treatment.

My question is this - how many more treatments at this point do you think I will need. My aesthetician and I both were thinking around 3 more but I’m curious to see what others think. And would going to 14joules be advisable or simply dangerous?

Those settings are usually too low to cause permanent reduction. Chances are if you wait long enough, you’ll see more hair showing up. If you can’t handle at least 16j on 18mm on GentleLASE, you need to use ONLY GentleYag. With GentleYAG, they can easily set high settings that would be effective on your skin type without burning your skin. That’s what Yags were made for.

I don’t know what your expectations of the treatments are, but please understand that you’ll never be 100% hairfree. You’ll continue to need touchups for any new hair that your body will develop with time.

Today I began to shed and my entire face is completely hair free. I’m hoping that this will prove to be a significant step forward. I’m still noticing two spots that remain resistant to the laser treatment. After speaking with the dermatologist he suggested to move down from the 18mm to a smaller size on those areas on my next treatment a month from now. Does this sound like sound advice and what does moving down to a smaller spot size actually do? As to my expectations, I’d like to be as close to 100% as possible, but if I can go a year or 6 months without shaving at ALL, that would be what I’m aiming for… as to the higher settings, I’ll ask about that next appointment.

I wouldn’t expect to only shave once every 6 months. You may not have a lot of hair in between, but you’ll still have some. Your body will also continue to develop NEW hair on the area.

The jury is still out on lowering the spot size once the hair gets finer. Some think that largest spot size along with high joules is most important. Some think that lowering the spot size to 15mm and upping the joules is the way to go on finer hair.

Either way, if they lower the spot size, make sure they up the joules. The overall power of the joules decreases with lower spot size, i.e. on 18mm max is 20j, but on 15mm it’s 30J.

Ok. Well I will post again to see if these two problem areas improve after changing the spot size and up the joules.

Not to be redundant, but as I mentioned on eokid’s thread, they decided to go with a 15mm spot size and up to 14Joules. No bad reaction after other than the typical brief, minor swelling and redness resolving after about 4/5 hours. Let the shedding begin! I do have one question however; you stated that I will never be 100% hair free since the body will continue to develop new hair. I’d like to know that if this is true, will the body continue to develop new corse hair, or just the vellus, fine hairs that I’ve seen come back after about 4 months? Now that I can live with shaving periodically…

As I just posted in the other thread where you posted this, unfortunately going to 14j on 15mm is actually DECREASING the setting, NOT increasing it. You need to proportionately up the joules if you decrease the spot size because that affects the overall power. You really should be using at least 16j on 18mm or at least 20-22j on 15mm for this to be effective. If you can’t handle those settings safely, you need to switch to a Yag.


Thanks. I’ll follow up with them next time to make sure that I’m doing 20 on the 15mm since what I have been doing now is way too low. Though for expediency’s sake, I like the 18mm b/c it’s way faster.

Well I’m happy to report that the two areas that have so far been resistent to any laser treatment have finally shed, though on one side it’s been less effective than on the other side where the hair growth is completely absent. So given that these two patches have survived (despite my 8 full face & beard treatments all @ 18mm and 12-14j) until now, it would appear that reducing the spot size did work (though I’m only at 16j). And I think I’ll need only 1-2 more treatments before I’m done (other than the mandatory, occassional touch-ups)…presuming that we go to 18j with the 15mm spot. It’s really quite shocking that anything shed in these two areas since they NEVER have despite the rest of my entire face now being hair free…maybe there is something to changing the spot size after all?

Don’t get too excited just yet. There is a good chance you will see more hair come in if you wait longer…enough 3-4 weeks. How long are you waiting between treatments? You should give it at least 8 weeks.

Yes, changing the spot size can have an effect as it impacts depth of penetration etc. But you still need to adjust the joules, regardless. I would go higher on the joules if you’re using only 15mm.

I typically wait 6 weeks. I can say that other than these two spots along my jawline the rest of my face hasn’t had a single hair in over two months now and I haven’t even bothered asking that she do my entire face, just these two areas. She and I both agreed on 16j @ 15mm and see about testing higher, but if by Dec 10th (the 6th week) I don’t see any additional growth should I be encouraged?

No. 6 weeks is VERY short time between treatments. You’re basically not seeing a lot because you’re not giving the hair enough time to develop and grow out. It will only benefit you to wait longer, i.e. 8-10 weeks. So I would recommend that. And I hope you’re not paying for full treatments for these two spots as they are really touchups (should be done at 3 weeks, not later, to avoid patchiness later).

Also, shedding doesn’t necessarily mean that the hair is killed permanently. It can be just slightly affected, enough to shed. That’s why we recommend treating at highest settings your skin can handle safely.

So Tomorrow will have been exactly two months now since my last treatment. So far, the only new growth that I’m having is extremely fine, vellus hair. The two problem patches that started to respond to treatment are still there and there are still spots of regular hair that remain to be treated as usual. My neck is entirely free from all hair practially, maybe a few extremely fine hairs but otherwise completely clear :slight_smile: So would you suggest to wait another two weeks just to make sure and then resume another treatment @ the higher settings and smaller 15mm spot size since the time you recommended has now passed?

You should wait until there is coarse hair to treat. Laser won’t work on any other type of hair. If you won’t see coarse hair any longer, only fine hair, it’s a sign that it’s time to switch to electrolysis if you want more removed.

Ok, well I think we’re probably there after one more treatment…thanks!