two treatments and no shedding - VERY FRUSTRATING!!

I’ve now had two treatments with the comet, each being 3 weeks apart. It has not helped at all. I have had Lightsheer and Epilight on dark hair (bikini and underarms)and it worked great. But my facial hair is very blonde and even though comet is supposed to work on blonde hair, I have had no success with it at all. The doctor’s clinic did the second treatment at no charge and I imagine they will do a third treatment at no charge as well. However, I’m finding it frustrating because if the first and second treatment didn’t help at all, what are the odds that a third treatment will be any different?

I personally find it a shame that the Toronto area has become so saturated with light based operators that people performing tried and true permanent hair removal via electrolysis have become more and more difficult to find. I have talked to more than one who told me that they were hired to go work at some office getting paid way more than they made as electrologists to run light based machines for investors. They end up working at multiple offices, and sometimes for multiple employers.

Good luck getting rid of your unwanted BLONDE hair.

It could be that you were undertreated. According to Syneron, poor target hair, such as blonde, should be treated at maximum, or near maximum RF, in other words 40 to 50 Joules. The optical fluence should be set according to skin type and generally long-pulse mode shoule be used. Did they follow those guidelines?

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