two sessions of laser on vellus dark blonde hair

I don’t think it’s working. I had the second one yesterday, 6 weeks after the first since I was abroad, so a little late. But today I am feeling spikey regrowth already. Is there hope that a couple more treatments might get it to go away?


Laura x

Oh and sorry I’m not sure which laser it is but I’m sure she mentioned a level 16 for my second treatment?

Ta x

Do you have another thread here? Please keep everything in one thread, otherwise it’s hard to follow your story.

  1. You don’t mention what area you had treated.

  2. You can’t tell the next day if a treatment worked. Shedding doesn’t begin for a week to 10 days after treatment.

  3. Most importantly: Laser only works on DARK and COARSE hair! Vellus and blonde hair are NOT amenable to laser treatments.

  4. Treating vellus hairs is a risky move because they can be transformed into prominent terminal hairs.

Laser doesn’t work on this type of hair. Please read our FAQs below. Laser only works on dark coarse growth.

I always wondered, if the fine hair gets transformed into coarse hair after laser treatment, then why would laser treatment not work on that hair after the transformation?

Is it the same hair or is it new hair from different follicles that was awakened? My guess would be it is not the same hair.!!!

It will work on the transformed hair if the new hair is coarse enough. The problem is that most induced hair is dark and noticeable, but still not coarse enough for laser. Plus, what’s the point of the process?

Paradoxical growth has been reported in both treated hairs and hairs adjacent to treatment area. The process is not fully understood.

Interestingly, the type of laser/light source used has recently been shown to influence the likelihood of induced growth, with IPL being the worst offender. Other factors include the area on the body treated and the skin type of the individual.

I guess I always wondered in cases when hair are not coarse enough for a laser, if it would be possible to induce hair that are coarse enough for the laser on large areas to avoid having electrolysis on them.

P.S. Not that I would want to be a Guinea pig for this.

Usually not. In fact in my experience - never. What grows in is too fine to be permanently removed but prominent enough to be noticeable. It’s a very bad combo!

That’s what we’re trying to tell you. You sort of already have…!