Two Questions

First, I hear a lot of people talking about trimming hair before waxing. Is it necessary for hair to be trimmed down prior to waxing?

Second, what are the real differences between sugaring and waxing?


Ideally, the hair should be between 8 and 12mm for waxing - up to half an inch in the old scale… too short and you may get a bad result as the wax will not have sufficient hair to hold onto… too long and the hairs may matt up, lay down or break off too easily…

As for sugaring, I’ve never done it so I cannot say. Any converts from waxing…? Put your hands up now… :grin:

Good luck,


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hi there pinkrobin,

I have done both sugaring and waxing on my armpits, legs and arms etc.

Sugaring i do more often because i can just make it at home and do whatever i need to do. and it cleans easy, unlike wax. But it can get messy too, depends on how you use it.

Waxing and sugaring are very very simlar. they both use spreading the material and pulling it up and away against direction of hair in large batches.

waxing and sugaring both require the same amount of hair lenght to work effectively…but dont let the hair get too long or it hurts!

too short hairs… wont be picked up by sugaring…but with experience, ,the longer the hair, the better the results (with sugaring)… but it hurts like crazy… so i dont let the hair grow more than a month.

DO NOT let the hair grow too long for waxing… it will hurt more and wont be effective.

waxing will sometimes break the hair… sugaring does not.

sugaring leaves a very nice smooth and soft after result because it cleans off the dead skin layer of skin and dont forget no hair!

sugaring will last for two weeks with no hair and hair starts to slowly grow back after that and be full again in about a month.

be aware of ingrown hairs and if you have thick hair, you will get itchy as the hair tries to poke its way through the skin as it grows back out.

hope that helps. and good luck!