twitching nerves in my eye since last session- ???

hi all,

each few weeks i get blend by somebody different. i asked to get the same girl each time but that didn’t work out.

there is one girl who has treated me twice. the first time i felt the nerves twitching in my eye like crazy (i posted a message after saying how hot my skin was all night long and felt weird and my (untreated) forehead was tingly). i told her and she said that was normal as it’s in an area nearby lots of nerves.

the last time i got her again and again the nerves in my eye and along my forehead were jumping all over the place. she said this was normal though i continued to protest, it was hurting my eye. it wasn’t hot this time, it just really hurt and my nerves were going haywire.

now it’s two weeks later and the nerves near my tear duct are still frequently spasming daily.

ok - is this normal, and do you know if it will go away?

she brushed it under the carpet- but she is the only one who makes this happen and the only one it really hurts with! it feels like the current or whatever is really digging into my skin deep! i told her i thought it was the needle but she put the needle in, told me, and i felt nothing from it. she turned the settings down but it didn’t make a difference.

i feel like calling the clinic and saying i do not want to be treated by her but i don’t want to get her into trouble or cause even more trouble than i already do! :wink:

what do you guys n gals think?

(i don’t wanna go with thermolysis as the last times i tried it there was sizzling and i am left with several deep pits on my skin, and it’s so hard to find practitioners here)

I would go on and say that I don’t want to have any more treatment from this bird if I were you. (do people in the UK still use “bird”?)

I would also offer that you may want to find someone on “the UB40” and send them to me for training, and have them finish your work. (UB40 is still British slang for unemployed, right?)

Sorry, but making light of this is the best I can do. I have never had a client experience what you are talking about, and the closest I have ever had to this is some involuntary muscle twitching during blend work. Even then, the muscle spasms passed as soon as the treatment was over.

I will make a few calls and see if anyone I know can offer anything less flippant than sending someone over the pond to become your private hair removal specialist.

thanks for your imput james!

yes many of us use the term “bird”! and whell, maybe some older folk still use the term “ub40” but i had to think a bit! i left the uk ten years ago and now live in the netherlands. i was like “huh? ub40? the band?!”

if circumstance and time permitted i would love to come to ny and learn from you myself! it’s something i would be interested in doing as a profession. maybe one day i go to school for it.

i have reported the ‘side-effects’ and will now be treated with the girl who has the midas touch.

though, four months later i was expecting much more of a reduction. there is still a lot of strong hairs there, though i get full clearance every time. hmmm…

If you are getting full clearances each time, then you are on track to have what amounts to a 20% reduction each time. The problem is that the hairs you have removed won’t be in phase again until a year from the time you did the treatment, and you are trying to judge the success of the treatment based on what hair grows in 4 to 6 weeks later. That hair is another phase of growth, and other than collateral damage beneath the skin to hairs that had not yet reached the skin’s surface, your prior treatment did not address those hairs directly.

It is the hardest part of this job. The only way a person can see the difference is to take a Before, picture, and additional pictures at the beginning and end of each treatment, so you can show them the progression. I have shown pictures of how people looked after one treatment, and although one can see a noticeable difference, without the before pic, most would just say, “It all grew back!” With the before picture, they say, “Wow, what a reduction that was with just one long treatment.”

ok. i am going to keep a photographic diary. it makes sense, it’s just a case of grabbing the camera and taking a photo every week or so.