Twisted and distorted

Yesterday I had a 52 yr old black woman come into my office for the removal of her underarm hair. During our consultation she informed me that 30 yrs ago she went to school to become a waxing technician and had been waxing her own underarms for the last 30 yrs. My office is located in a white/Hispanic part of Colorado. So when she walked into my office and I saw that she was black I became very excited and couldn’t wait to get to work on her since she would be my first black person. My only other chance was in school and my instructor turned that person away, I think my former instructor is a bigot. Anyway this woman’s hair was crazy, thin, brittle, and it seemed like most follicles had a different direction. It had been a good six months since she had last waxed and I swear almost every hair was telogen or I was plucking. I worked on her for an hour and a half and was able to clear both sides but I am not sure of the quality of my work. She said she would be back in three months and if she does come back then I will be able to see the quality of my work. This client was truly a challenge for me. I was wondering what most of you do when you come across a client such as this? Do have some sort of strategy or do you just go for it and do what I did?

Since I have no experience working in this type of skin, I can not be helpful. However it is perfectly possible that after six months without touching the area, plus the age of the woman, the majority of hairs had reached the telogen phase. So do not doubt your ability, your impressions are spot on.

If you invest 45 minutes to re-clean the same area 3 months later, I hope you do not ever doubt ever about the quality of your work. :wink: