Thanks to everyone who has been helping me with my numerous questions. Its made this whole experience a bit less nerve wrecking for me. I was wondering though about tweezing. I know it shouldnt feel like hair is being tweezed so I asked my electrolygist why it felt that way and she told me that she actualy was tweezing the hair after using the thermolysis. I this normal or should I be worried?

You SHOULD be worried if your electrologist actually admitted she was tweezing your hair! You can do that at home for free!

Enough energy and time needs to be balanced so the hair slides out easily. Occassionally, you may feel resistance if for example, the bottom of the hair is a dry ball of keratin that is bigger than the opening it is sliding out of, in which case, it would be desirable for your practioner to tell you that she is aware of the resistance felt on that particular hair.

I would direct her to stop the treatment and talk to her about your expectations. If that doesn’t correct the matter - walk and look onward to find another electrologist.

What kind of magnification does she use? I’m wondering if she can see the hair.

Well, she did tell me that there was a little resistance in some of the hair she was removing. When I heard that they weren’t supposed to tweeze, I think I misunderstood and thought that they shouldnt be using a tweezers at all. I didn’t realize that they remove the hair with that. I will still talk to her about it but i just thought that if she was liscenced and had been doing it for over 26 yeaar that she was probably doing something right

License and experience is not a guarantee. Unfortunately. The same is true of doctors, by the way.