tweezing vs. "tugging"

I had my second-ever electro treatment yesterday. Thermolysis for 1/2 hour on chin, 1/2 hour on upper lip. This was a new electrologist. (I’m trying different people, like you guys recommend.) She put Emla on the upper lip and spent a lot of time working on the area just under my nose. It hurt a lot, but she said that’s just how that area is.

I would feel the zap pain of the current, and then when she’d pull those hairs out, it hurt again. Since I had Emla, it’s hard to say if she was tweezing them out or if this sensation is normal. Anyone have any thoughts on how I should assess this person?


If you plan on posting your results like this, please keep them in one post string. If you keep posting separate new posts each time, no one will ever be able to connect the dots, and find all your story in one place.

You evaluate this person on your results. How does your skin look when the treatment is over. How long does it take for it to heal. How does your skin look a week later. How fast was she.

It is difficult to impossible to find anyone who can do work on the upper lip without lots of discomfort. It is individual to you, and no matter what, this is the area that will feel worse than any other on the body.

The good news is if this is your test area, you know what the worst of your work with this electrologist will feel like, and everything else should be easier to take.

The bad news is if you get someone bad, the results will be front and center for all to see.

Thank you again for your valuable advice!

And sorry about splitting my Qs into separate posts–I thought small bites would be easier, but I guess it is better to keep all the case details together in one post.

So far I may be spoiled for choice: I’ve been to two electrologists and the results both times are good! :smile:


Good for you. Please share with others in the Referral section so those in your area can find the wonderful people you have found.

Most people can use two good electrologists to their advantage by being able to get scheduled for the days they need because when one electrologist is booked solid, the other might be available the day you need.