Tweezing techniques?


When people say “tweezing” do they mean with tweezers? I tried this and had a really difficult time, maybe I have bad tweezers or something, but they would not easily grab and hold the hairs.

What I ended up doing, and it worked quite well, was to use my fingernails (about 2mm in length) and grab the hairs between the fingernails and rip. It took me about 3 hours total to do a moderately dense patch of hair (back of neck) but the results were totally worth it. No shaving shadow, just totally smooth skin…


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For the back of the neck, tweezers are a little tricky, even with mirrors. A much better and faster option is a rotary epilator. The only trick is to get it done evenly. Maybe better to have a friend or partner do this for you. You might even be able to talk your hair stylist into doing it, although some states require a separate license for epilation-type hair removal.