Tweezing/Epilator myth?

I always heard that “for every hair you tweeze, two grow back in its place”. Is this true? Or is it just a myth spread by people selling devices more expensive than tweezers?

I’m posting this in the epilator section 'cause there wasn’t a tweezer section, and I’m assuming epilators are basically large-scale tweezers - they pluck the hairs.

In some consumers, some types of hair removal can cause double hairs (called pili bigemini) or even triple hairs. There was an article on lasers causing this phenomenon at lower fluences"

Pili bigemini caused by low fluence lasers

It’s not uncommon to find more than one hair growing from a follicle, if you look closely.

I’m not aware of much medical data on this phenomenon by mechanical epilation, but anecdotal evidence suggests that in some people, disruption of hairs by mechanical means like plucking can sometimes produce multiple hairs. Generally speaking, this won’t be the case for most people.

I’ve also heard stories of women who over-plucked their eyebrows in the 60s and 70s and ended up that way - the plucking somehow killed the hair!
I don’t think this plucking diminishes/increases growth is an argument that we’ll ever get to the bottom of - it must be different for different people or hair increases/decreases anyway.

Exactly, cette– the whole process is still poorly understood, and there are far too many variables to pin down precise cause and effect.