Tweezing & discolored skin

(Please read entire post before replying?)
I thought my upper lip was too fuzzy so I tweezed a lot of the hair off, even though the hair was so light it was only noticeable from close up. It looked fine once it was no longer red until the next day, when the area looked dark and discolored, like a light grey or black stain on the area. This was three weeks ago and it still hasn’t faded. It looks much worse then the light hair ever did because it just disappeared into my pale skin. I know it was a stupid thing to do, but I can’t change it now…

Looking up discolored upper lip gives me pregnancy and menopause, neither of which can apply to me, and sun damage, which it can’t be because I don’t like tanned skin and avoid the sun or wear sunscreen when I can’t stay out of it. It also can’t be the hair growing under the surface, because my hair is so light.

I’ve heard of people with discoloration from threading, but this is only supposed to happen in darker-skinned or Mediterranean women, and I am Nordic and quite pale. I’ve never tweezed the whole area before, I’ve done a few hairs but that was a long time ago.

What could this be? Will it ever fade, and how long will it take? Anything I should do or avoid to speed up the fading?

how large is the stain-
it may be a bruise that will fade with time, or if it is really small a bit of dried blod trapped in a pore, also it is possibly a version of the five oclock shadow

It goes all across my upper lip, the edges are neat instead of blotchy, everywhere where I plucked.

I don’t think it’s ‘five o’clock shadow’ because my hair is very light and anyways, wouldn’t the hair grow above the skin after three weeks or appear later than the day after?

Bruising is seems to be the most probable one…is it normal for it to last three weeks?

Hi Anie,

I had the same problem from plucking and waxing. I would have to religiously reapply my makeup which only masked the problem lurking underneath.

If you can, try not to pluck as this does cause scarring of the upper lip area in many folk. Look at alternative methods of hair removal.

The scarring should fade over time. Use a good exfoliating scrub and pay a visit to an experienced beauty therapist or dermatologist.