What tweezers are we all using? I would like to upgrade my tweezers and wondered if any of you guys have suggestions or a preference?


Peer-Vigor 0c, they work but don’t have any other models to compare to.

I have a whole bunch of different tweezers I like to use specific tweezers for specific tasks.I have certain go to tweezers depending on what I am doing.

Of the 60 some odd pair in my office there are some of the following:
1 pair of Peer Vigour 0C
5 pairs of peer vigour 3C

The Peer Vigour are fine quality made tweezers. They are ALMOST the most expensive tweezers in my shop. They also have very narrow pointy tips. While this makes them extremely precise, it does come at a cost. The grip on the hair with the Peer Vigour is not as strong as most other tweezers. They are PERFECT however for extracting ingrowns, especially runners.The Fine tip of the peer Vigour fits nicely into a small puncture from the hypodermic,and is able to grasp the hair and pull it out of the skin. Despite their weak grip, if I have a LOT of ingrowns to take out I’m keeping some peer vigour handy.
2 pairs of “Mertz” house brand from Intercosmetics.

I got these last spring when we were doing some shopping, and they are a descent 3C style tweezer with relatively pinted tips and a good grip. I didnt like them for a while, they didnt seem to be gripping, I’ve since sharpened them and they are working nicely. Used for general treatments.

probably about 20 pair of "Joe Fresh " 3C style ( a canadian store chain house brand from lawblaws)

I’m a bit give or take on these. at $5 for stainless point tip tweezers they are amoung the cheapest I own. The point is not that thin however they have an excellent grip. Completely useless for ingrowns.They also have a nasty habit of their spot welds giving out in the autoclave, but at $5 I just replace them if that happens.

At Least 20 “QUO” brand painted in a purple paisley color

These are some of my favourite tweezers They come as a kit from shoppers drug mart with these tweezers and a small pair of slant tweezers ( Which I usually throw away) When new they have decently sharp tips for getting between hairs, but they show some wear after a while. A Quick clean up with a sharpening stone and they are right as rain. A little course for ingrowns but can be accurate enough to grasp very short bits of hair close to the skin.The paisly coating lasts and shows no degradation when put in the autoclave. I’ve never had a pair split. The coating might fade after a while but it stays intact.
2 pairs of tweezerman Professional
For some of my most expensive tweezers ( at times $35 a pair) these are no better than the QUO in grip and shape, but they have one very annoying problem, the pretty purple or red coating burns after a while of going through the autoclave, and after a few months of regular use they whole tweezer is covered in crusty black coating. Sometimes i go through the effort of stripping the coating, but it is not easy.

I’ve also used some of the “gala” brand from Dectro in the past, they werent mine and I didnt like them, I found the edges so sharp that they cut the hair more often than they grasp the hair and remove it.

Depending on if I’m taking fine hairs from the upper lip, coarse beard hairs, short (recently shaved) hairs, will dictate the tweezer I will keep on hand for the procedure.

And before you think it, YES I am 100% a tweezer snob. MAny a pair with bent tips, no grip, or someother shortcoming have hit the trash.



Haha yes I think ur a tweezepert! Thanks very much, I’ve just order some peer vigour pairs as I need the pointed edge for clients with ingrowns as sometimes with a Lance u can slightly unpick without cause trauma to skin but some little buggers you just need a grip of them!


What type of metal would you recommend the tweezers be made of? Which metals will hold up through autoclaving and/or immersion in a sterilizing liquid? For example, when I looked at Peer on Amazon, I saw that they come in metals such as Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Anti-Acid Non-Magnetic, Titanium, Carbon Steel, Non-Magnetic #3C-SA (what does “SA” stand for?). I know that some metals are lighter in weight than others, but what other advantages are there for some metals over others when it comes to electrology, besides nickel allergy or other allergies? Which metal is least changed by autoclaving? Which one is least likely to acquire stains from a bath?

surgical stainless steel is my preference , but I’m not really a metallurgical expert