Turning down the current ?? effectiveness ?

I have been having galvanic eletrolysis sessions for the past 10 weeks ( about 5x 2-3 hour appoints. so far),on my upper arms,back and shoulders, and have found the pain so excruciating and unbearable so far that my electrologist has had to turn the current down.

I was originally being treated at 180?( not sure what the unit of measurement is , volts maybe?) , for about the first 3 sessions (9 hours) , but due to the terrible pain factor this was tunred down to 160 for the 4th treatment and then 150 on my most recent ( I wont be going lower than 150). I have also been taking ibuprofen with codeine and even mersyndol forte before and during my appoints, but still the pain is terrible.

My electro. told me that lower the current does not affect the effectiveness of the treatment, it just makes it slower, as he leaves the probes in a bit longer ( and even though Im not exactly thrilled with it being slower, the high current burns and stings so much that every time I have been , I did not think I would be able to return for my next appointment)

My question is this : Apart from being slower, does lowering the current in galvanic elctro. detract in any way from the permanency of the hair removal? ie. - does it increase the chances that these hairs will come back or their will be more re-growth or lesser destrcution of follicles ?? , assuming that mathematically the length of time the probes are left in for and everything else is all equal?

thats the biggest worry for me. I am ok with clearing less hairs per treatment ( galvanic is so damn slow anyway, that I am only clearing about 32 hairs every 5-7 min.), as the pain is so damn bad , just as long as the follicles are destroyed just as they would be at a higher current for shorter time…


As long as your electrologist knows how to create a workable setting, he would be equally able to make a setting that was high current for a short time, as he would a low current for a long time. Keep in mind, the first electrolysis was performed in the 1860’s with a sewing needle attatched to a chemical battery like you mixed in science class. It took 1 to 2 minutes to remove eyelashes using this equipment.

If you want to explore more comfortable treatment and get more hairs treated per hour, try going thermolysis with your treatment. You don’t however, need to worry that the lower setting won’t kill the hairs, as long as the lower settings are paired with longer treatment times.