TS experience with laser, HRT and electrolysis

I received the note below in June from a TS consumer:

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I had 5 session of laser when I first started, but found that although it made some difference, the only thing it was really zapping was my money!!

I switched to electrolysis at the start of last year. I was 37 back then, and I had a very dense hair growth. At the time, I was still battling to get on HRT. It was better than laser, but as fast as I got it cleared, the damn stuff kept growing back!!

I’ve now completed about 8 months HRT, and at last the electrolysis is only now taking effect big time.
My beauty therapist says she sees the same effect on women with hormone problems - in fact she refuses to treat them until they’ve got their levels fixed!! She says testosterone actually causes the hair to regenerate, and it takes a lot longer to clear it.

If I knew all this a few years back, I’d have waited until I’d been on HRT for at least 6 months. There’s two reasons - firstly, I feel I’ve spent much more money than perhaps I would have needed to. Secondly, there’s the damage to my skin: I’m up to 150 hours now, and in the wrong light my cheeks look about 10 years older than the rest of my face. Dr. O tells me that it might heal some on it’s own, otherwise he can try a facelift to smooth some of the pits and lines out.

I got a quote from him recently, and it’s not cheap. (He operated on my last year, and I really don’t think I’d trust anyone else!)

Anyway, that’s my experience on all this. I know it might not hold true for everyone - younger women might well find that they have an easier time, as their hair is less well established.

Please write back and let me know what you think. (I’m considering starting my own Beauty Salon with my severance pay, and I’d welcome your views. If I ever get it going, I’d love to be able to publish free electrology advise for the treatment of transsexuals. Of the 5 girls in my salon, only 1 had prior experience of treating TS women!!!)
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