Trying to Understand

I want to start doing electrolysis on my upper back (half way across). I am a 26 year old male. I have a lot of hair. Should every session be a clearing? What I mean is, should all the hair be removed in one session? That would be very expensive. How should I go about it? Should I do weekly? Should all be cleared every session? I am confused. Help me out.

Depending on how much hair you have, it’s more likely that it won’t be possible to do a full clearing in 1 session. Cost of clearing should be counted in hours not in number of sessions. General example: one could have 5 sessions of 2 hours each or 20 sessions of half hour each to achieve same clearance goals. The amount of time you can have in a session depends on your tolerance towards treatments and time availability of your electrologist. If you want to do 6 hours of treatment in a single session, your electrologist might say they can’t do so many hours. I personally could not tolerate more than 2 hours of treatments so my treatments were booked over multiple sessions in advance about 2 sessions a week.
Some electrologists will tell you to book enough treatment hours to achieve full clearances within 6 week period so you catch hair cycles in various phases. As long as you achieve full clearances within 6 week periods you should be on good track to achieve your goal in 18 month on average.

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