Trying laser after electrolysis

I had to take a break from electrolysis for a month. Some was necessary, due to the surgery. Some was because of preparing for the surgery and work I had no time.

So a friend recommended a laser practitioner a while back and I thought I would try it.

I’ve had one treatment and I’m rather ambivalent about the results. There are things I liked about it and things that I didn’t.

Things I liked -
The treatment process was much more to my liking. They have you go in at least 1-2Hrs before your scheduled treatment. They give you a room, and have you apply the topical and plastic wrap to the area. I brought my laptop as they have a wireless network and I could get some work done. With my electro, I applied the topical at home and had to drive to her location that way.

The treatment was not as painful. Maybe it was the expanded application of the topical, maybe because it just didn’t hurt as much.

My whole face was treated in less than a half hour. My conditioning from electro helped here. Things progress faster when you don’t flinch. I was used to that and had no problems with the treatment.

I didn’t have to let the hair grow out. I could shave the day of and not be a hairy monster.

Things I didn’t like -
The treatment didn’t seem as effective. I shed a bunch of hairs for the first few days but haven’t lost much since then. When an area was treated with electro, it was completely clear for at least a week.

Maybe it’s the beast I am used to but I found the first few days post laser to be hard to hide. With electro I could treat the swelling and the redness.

any comments appreciated


Hi Dee Dee, this is Dee. I just wanted to say that I have a laser client who was getting her upper lip and chin treated with a LightSheer diode laser. She had a couple laser sessions and was emotional about the hair taking a couple weeks to shed on a prominent area like her face. So… even though she is doing some body areas, too, she came to me for electrolysis on her face only. It took me a little over an hour to completely clear these areas the first time, but she left my office, minus the hair, which raised her happiness bar quite high. She has been back about four times and each time there is very little hair to treat. I do think those early sessions of laser may have helped to sychronize the hair growth on her chin especially because 99% of the hair was in a good stage of growth by the time I got in on the action.

She still see’s her laserologist for bikini and thigh areas. As her facial hair is not her problem anymore, I now work on the nipple area and mid chest after I clean a few stragglers on her face. Electrolysis has been fast, effective and all around, a great choice for her face.

As long as you find an electrologist that can effectively treat the hair, no matter what size, and leave you with the healing scenario where you don’t have to hide for several days, it’s nice to walk out into the world with no hair on your face after a treatment. With laser, you have to wait 2-3 weeks for it to shed right after treating and you MAY have to deal with laser stimulated hair growth for facial areas. This happens sometimes to some people and laser practitioners don’t always mention this before you sign on the dotted _________.


the fact that you didn’t feel much usually indicates low settings. also, you didn’t specify what type of hair you have. if it’s fine, laser is probably not the best solution even if it seems faster on a per treatment basis. what’s your skin and hair type? what laser was used? what settings?