Troubleshooting electrolysis machine HELP!

Hi all,

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve has this Silhouette tone ST 250 for about 2 years now. My sister and I have been treating each other and have made quite some progress !YAY!. Now my problem is - the last time I was using my machine, I was cleaning the lye off the needle and then the next few hairs I began to treat and no lye would come out and my sister couldnt even feel the current whatsoever. We even tried thermolysis to see if the conductor piece wasnt working - but she also couldnt feel anything.

So we’re pretty disappointed now. We’re not sure what could have happened. Not sure if the needlecord burnt out or what since the machine turns on fine.

Any suggestions or similar experiences would be highly appreciated!

Replace the needle holder and cable and the cable cord for the indifferent electrode. Those are the weakest parts and they get a lot of abuse. Always keep extras on hand for times like this.

usually the Silouette tone comes with two needle cords, you could just try switching to the other and see if that works, or order a repacement through TES.
If the needle cord doesnt fix the issue, then unfortunately it may be time to have the machine serviced or replaced.

You can test the DC by attaching a low wattage flashlight bulb between the needle cord and the annode. If it doesnt light up, there’s no current and there’s a short somewhere . You could also do a bubble test by putting the annode in some water and pushing the pedal while putting a needle in, no bubbles no current.

You can test thermolysis with an egg fairly easily.That both seem to have stopped working at once, seems to indicate that it’s the needle cord and not the annode wire ( unless you were using automatic) .

I checked and TES lists the needle cord for $29 and the annode cord for $17 in their catalog. It’s probablywworth your while to just go ahead and order both.

Thanks for the suggestions! I will try replacing the cords and see what happens - crosses fingers!