TrimTone 2 Electrolysis manual - I need one!

Hi people, Ive just bought a Trim Tone 2 electrolysis machine. I’m wondering if anybody has a users manual or knows where to get one. I’ve tried googling it, but, alas…no help.
Any info is greatly appreciated. I’m using it for blood vessels but intend to use it for hair removal when I have more information on the machine. Thanks all :slight_smile:

Have you tried calling the manufacturers of Trim Tone? I’m guessing this is an Australian unit, i haven’t heard of any US manufacturers using the name trim tone.

Using it for hair removal is easy and you probably won’t need a manual. Just purchase a couple of books about electrology on Amazon, it won’t cost you to much.

I’m not fabricating this … I have a patient that has spend 30 years removing his stomach hair! THIRTY YEARS!

In the last 30 years he has a total time of 5 hours on the job! Now, after all these DECADES, getting fiddled with with laser and other “self-inflicted” quacky attempts (such as ETs and hair-removal creams), he’s decided it’s “time!” That 5 hours (I saved his card) came to about a one-hour treatment every 5 years or so. YEAH, a little bit of consistency would be a good idea, don’t you think?

At this point the guy has some health issues and I would rather not work on him … I’m very careful and everything is monitored by his own physician (and mine). He’s not exactly a “butterfly” but those clients also work against themselves: they try all modalities and different therapists and attempt to sort out and micro-manage the whole affair. These folks usually end up spending thousands of dollars unnecessarily and frustrating themselves and all the therapists they work with … AND they seldom get the job completed. Luckily these people are very rare, but I avoid working with them.

Thanks IlikeDIY. I think Im gonna do that - buy some books, that is. Also, I believe the trimtone unit is manufactured in the UK. I’ve also tried looking for the manufacturer, but again, no luck. Any tips on good books/authors?

No prob! Yeah, a couple of good books that come to mind are “Electrolysis Principles” and “Modern Electrology: Excess Hair, Its Causes and Treatment”. That man who posted above you (who i think posted to the wrong thread!) has written a couple of books that people seem to like, although i haven’t read any of them… they’re scarce and the price tag is a little to high.

I have read them all, and though it causes me much trouble to say so, (knowing most of the authors of all these book, as I do) I still tell you, if I could get only one book to take me from knowing nothing, to doing passable work in this endeavor, I would make that book a first edition of The Blend Method: Real World Electrology(electrolysis) by Mike Bono. It is worth the price, although I would certainly look into used books stors, ebay, amazon, and any other possible outlet for a well priced 1st edition.

Trust me, that endorsement has nothing to do with any presumed, or perceived relationship that I may be thought to have with the author.

Thanks James, that’s very kind of you to say that.

[color:#990000]Hey Mike,

If you ever feel a bit blue, you can read James’ remark again, or you could just visit Amazon:

-And see your first edition, used, is going between $104 to $330 USD’s …That’d lift my ego. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree with James. If I was stranded on a desert island, I’d choose only the First Edition, and a Platinum, and needles, and loupes, and a power source, …and an air conditioned office, …and probably a good place to get lunch too.


Well damn … I still have a dozen or so of those old books. However, if you get both the “newer” ones … you have the whole thing.

(Odd that looking at those books is never pleasurable for me, I always think I could have done better or done a better illustration … mostly I don’t look at the things.)

I sincerely hope others will consider self-publishing. You all have SO MUCH to share and now with new printing techniques, the process is inexpensive. Learning “InDesign” is not such a big deal and I would be happy to assist anyone (editing etc.).

I’d like to see a major volume on THERMOLYSIS (I was working on this), but my own experience is limited … I hope one of you considers doing such a work. It’s a wonderful way to learn your craft too: by explaining, you achieve understanding.