Trimming takes really long?

Hey I have pretty hairy legs, and I’ve been trimming them recently with the Philips body groom. Is it just me or does it take really long? It takes me about 40 minutes to trim one whole leg.

I don’t know if it’s normal, but you’d think you just need to go over your leg and the hair trims down right away, but it seems like I have to keep going over a patch of my leg at least 20 times for it to trim most of the hair?

Maybe my product isn’t that good, or is this normal?

Hmm, I’ve used the body groom on my legs and it was pretty quick. maybe 5 mins. but the body groom is better for maintainance when the hair is already pretty short. if it is long, I use a hair trimmer like for cutting head hair.

Sounds like the product is rubbish. You want a full size hair trimmer like the sort a barber uses. My latest one is great in that its cordless, but rubbish in that they have made the plastic guards very pointed and sharp so it scratches my skin. Will have to see if I can file the plastic away a bit