Trimming my leg hair - HELP?

I have really dark, long and thick leg hair. I want to trim it. I don’t want to shave it entirely simply becaue i don’t mind leg hair, but i hate when i have too much of it.

Now i’ve been trimming it for 1 year using an electric beard shaver… But it looks awful. It looks very unnatural.

Is there any way to have less leg hair, and make it still look natural?

Again, i don’t want it gone. So shaving & waxing are not an option.

Non-permanent slight reduction?

You’d do well to try the body lotions that are designed to minimize the need for women to shave their legs. Basically, it has a formula that weakens hair (kind of like a Nair cream, but so weak that it just thins the hair instead of dissolving it and doesn’t hurt your skin in any way). With every day use, it gives the appearance of thinner, shorter, slower growing hairs. It doesn’t actually slow growth, and as soon as you stop using it your hair will start returning to normal. It’s a subtle effect, so it may be perfect for you.

I used to use Jergen’s shave-minimizing moisturizer because it was cheap, but there are other brands too.

I’ll try it. Thanks

Instead of a beard shaver, you could try one of those professional hair clippers and use a 2 or 3 blade. I think that would give a more natural result. (Haven’t clipped my legs in a while, gotta test it!)

Depilatory Cream, this product is very easily available in the markets and is an effective method for hair removal. All you need to do is apply the cream over your legs and it will weaken the hair bonds within 5 minutes. You can remove it using a towel or rinse it with water. Apply moisturiser for silky smooth skin