"trimming" leg hair

I’m a guy who has too much leg hair for my liking. I’m 19 and summer is here, which means lots of water parks and hanging out with friends and such. I would like to look a bit more “normal”. My legs are bright white because I pretty much only wear jeans, but then that is only if you can see the skin through the hair. Anyone have some tips on getting it under control? Is too much leg hair a result of unusually long hairs, or more hairs per square inch? Would using hair clippers with a certain length guard look normal? Once I trim it, I’m going to try and get some sun to darken up my legs. If there were some way to make the hair thinner or finer that would be good too.

your best bet is just trimming with a beard trimmer. Thats what i do and get a fairly natural look. Don’t go too short though, then it becomes noticeable that that is what you’re doing

I used to do that before I decided to shave mine clean. Try the 3/8" inch setting first and if you’re not satisfied try the 1/2" setting. It is a viable method and will give you good results. The good thing about it is you only have to do it about every 2-4 weeks. My legs are not extremely hairy though just average so you may have to trim more often.

I eventually got tired of that and decided to just go clean shaven and I have never regretted it. Going clean shaven makes the muscles look much bigger and well defined.


Get an electric hair clipper kit and use the 3/8" or 1/4" attachment. Or you can start with the 1/2" and go from there. Your legs should still look quite “normal” when you’re done because the remaining hair is actually longer than 3/8" or 1/4" since it usually doesn’t grow at a 90 degree angle in the first place.

So what you end up doing is pretty much getting rid of the curly hair ends that make your hair “mass” look thicker than it probably is.

I’ve been doing this with the 3/8" attachment for over a year and no one has ever noticed. Plus a tan looks a lot better now and it’s not as messy to put on suntan lotion!

I do my arms too and it looks fine. I’ve got an electric Wahl clipper that works great and a Conair battery operated one that does not. I’ve read good things on this site re: a beard trimmer - Remington w/ ceramic blade? - but I’m not sure if it can leave hair as long as 1/2".

And hey, it’s only hair. If you don’t like it short, don’t worry - it will always grow back! :smile:

i dissagree with all you,

get a rotary epilator and run it quickly over the leg,

it works the best.

totally thins out the hair, but leaves the length long and uncut

and you can thin it to your liking

I don’t know what type of epilator you got.

The epilator I got any hairs over 6mm will temporary hang on the tweezers before removing the hair, however, for hairs shorter than 6mm it will take all the hair.

Tiny is trying to be funny, but he isn’t.

Hey all. Good stuff here. I’ve got lots of hair below the waist line and I am a bit self conscious about shaving my legs completely in the midst of summer. However, I do go to the gym and see that I am a little too hairy in relation to everyone else.

I have Sterling 2 Plus clippers by Wahl but the attachments i have go s-1, s-2, s-3, s-4 etc. I know the lower the number, the more hair you eliminate, but could someone tell me what level i should be using to get the 3/8 or 1/4" that everyone seems to be recommending. Are these clippers sufficient or should I get something more advanced? Should I ask for different attachment heights at the store I bought the clippers?? Also, what level do you recommend for arm hair so i leave the hair thin but don’t get rid of it all in one shot?

Good question, Cleancut1.

A #4 is a 1/2" attachment, #3=3/8" and #2=1/4". The numbers go up and down in 1/8" increments. So a 5=5/8", etc.

I use a #2 (1/4") all over, but you might want to start with a #4 (1/2") on your legs and arms and see what you think. Depending on the angle of the hair, more or less will be cut with the same attachment.

It’s easy to then go to a lower number, but not so easy to go to a higher one! :wink: No need to get more attachments - you should have enough choices with the regular ones that came with the Wahl.

Those clippers should be fine. This is easy work for clippers - they are used to much denser hair on your head than on your body.

Patrick, thanks for the conversions. I figured I would live up to my name and ended up trying the #2 - it worked very well. I’ve been working out my legs for a couple of years now and I can finally see some of the definition. Also, I tan fairly easy so I am eagerly awaiting the sunshine to see what I can do. It appears that the hair covered my legs to such a degree that they are a little on the light side.

I think its only a matter of time before I just trim it all, but its a decent start given that I have to put up with family in the summer. I trimmed in an upwards fashion and ended up getting the hair pretty short and even. Is this the method generally used or does it even matter? Also, post-shave, I hear people using Aloe Vera Gel to eliminate itching. Any thoughts on post-shave gels/lotions that could help?

How frequently do guys generally shave the legs? For me, once every month would be great. Don’t think I am ready for laser - I hear too many mixed opinions on the technologies but I am going to see a dermatalogist or two to see what they think.

umm, funny or not that is what I do and it works better than what I’ve done in the past

from freshman in college (around 19-23) years of age I used to take hair clippers #2 on my legs.

did this for several years

from about 25-28 I have been ripping the hair out of my legs

every since I got my epilator I’ve been running it over my legs quickly so it yanks some hair out and this is the best and easiest method I’ve come across funny or not. :relaxed:

I did the same thing Tiny did, except only on my upper legs. It worked pretty well, except I couldn’t handle the pain.

ya, I do my upper legs but i don’t thin them, i do them fully.

the problem with them now is that i swear i get tons of ingrowns. I’m thinking triming would be best for the top/upper legs, and the rotary epilator for thinning the bottom.

but i’m new to all this rotary stuff so i’m still experimenting

so your just lettin it go malangaster? or you just trim and don’t use the rotary at all? it works great for a quick thinning on the bottom legs i think though let me know k cool lol

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I agree with RJC. I used to use a beard trimmer with an adjustable guide, and did it shorter and shorter until I finally just shaved it altogether. The problem with trimming it short, is while it looks OK, it feels horrible. The short hair is very stiff, and feels rough and prickly, like long stubble. Plus, it doesn’t look very natural, so you might as well bite the bullet and get a nice smooth shave. If you leave it longer, you will feel better, and look better than you do now, and maybe that is OK for you. Try it. Basically, I hate leg hair, and just had to work up the nerve to shave my legs altogether. I get such positive comments on them I should have done it long ago. Women love them. Almost invariably, if I go buy shorts and try them on, the female sales help will comment on my legs, positively I will add. That surprised me a lot at first, but now I see that women, especially younger women ,love how they look. I will add, though, I have very muscular legs, so they do not look “feminine” shaved.

I’ve had positive comments from women about my legs too. I’ve had some people ask me if I’m a cyclist. If anything shaving the legs makes them look more masculine because it brings out the muscularity.

I say try it. Once you go hairless you probably won’t want to go back.


Out of curiosity, has anyone tried shaving entirely the thigh/upper leg area while leaving the lower leg/shin area with hair? I have always wanted to get rid of the higher-up hair, but I personally like having some hair below the knee…As a result, I’ve never tried it. Would it be possible to shave above while leaving it there below, or would it look ridiculous?

Funny how I read this thread and can relate to it. I followed the exact pattern as the others here. First I shaved the upper leg, then I shaved the upper leg and used a #2 on the lower leg, then I just started rotary epilating the entire leg. Yeah, as I posted under a different topic thread, it felt stupid having one area smooth and another hairy, I just went for it. And along the way I’ve learned a thing or two: If you want to have your entire legs smooth, then you should at least trim your arm hair down and wax your upper neck/high back. It just makes everything look balanced, people see it as a more natural state. If you have hairy arms and smooth legs, something just looks unnatural about it. Once I started trimming my arm hair, life in public has been a lot more agreeable. But I have a very, very public, highly visible job. My appearance is constantly being scrutinized. I had to trim my arm hair just a fraction bit at a time, I have such a strong urge to run my epilator quickly over my arms, maybe a year from now it’ll be a possibility. Until then, I pluck strategically, and trim carefully.

I agree with everyone on the pattern of trying to find the best solution. In truth, everything that leaves you with lots of hair on one body part, and no hair on another, will look kind of funny. Women shave their legs, but have very little arm hair, and generally no chest or abs hair. If you have lots of hair and shave your legs, you may end upu shaving your arms too. I did. I’m not that hairy, but I like things to look consistent. Plus, I loved the shaved legs so much, when someone suggested I shave my arms, I tried it, and never went back.

You cannot shave part of your leg. I began by trimming the whole leg, and then tried shaving just the lower part and trimmingn the quads, and that looked stupid, so just shaved the whole thing. I didn’t mind the look trimmed short, but they felt awful, all prickly and sharp. Now that I shave my legs, I love how they look, and especially how they feel. I have muscular legs, and other than a female bodybuilder, my legs would not be mistaken for a womans’ They look much more muscular, and more vascular, shaved. They tan better, and they feel wonderful. Also, when others touch me, it feels sooooooo nice, very sensual. Nothing like freshly shaved legs and nice, crisp cool sheets. Yum. Also, your smooth legs against hers feels very sexy. Many people recommend waxing legs, and it probably is great, I haven’t tried it. I am concerned about the period where you need the hair to grow long enough to be waxed, and if your legs will be all prickly for a week or two.

Yes, trimming your legs with some trimmers will make them look much better. I trim my leg hair, I started just a few months ago, and it looks great! I’ve got the hair trimmed just close enough, that it only leaves the lighter color hairs. It really looks the way I was at age 12. People who knew I had hairy legs take a second look, and say, did you shave your legs? I say no, look closer, there’s still hair on my legs, it’s just lighter. But that’s all they ask, I never get questioned again. Remember, keep it trimmed short, then you’ll look cool. I’m much happier with the way my legs look now, almost hairless.

You aren’t bothered by the stubbly feel of the short leg hairs? I hated it. The look is nice, but I shaved them completely after a while, to get a nice smooth, sensual feel. Much better. And, you DO shave them, regardless of whether you shave it all off, or just mostly off. No one ever asks if I shave them or not, if they notices, they probably are embarrased to ask. I wouldn’t go back to trimming after shaving. Anyone who touches you will much prefer them shaved smooth. It is more work, but worth it.