Trimming Arm/Leg Hair

I am 19 male and find that i have more hair than others my age. The main problem is my legs and arms (maybe my buttox as well). The sound of a trim is fabulous. I think i would look awkward completely shaven. Trimming seems right for me, however i don’t want it to be all stubby and coarse afterwards. Is there some cream to make it smoother, or atleast the end of the hair so it doesnt prick my girlfriends legs? Or after awhile when it grows out more, will it naturally become smoother? Also how do most people go about making the hair less thick (hairs per inch). Is that what the rotary tool is for?

Hi Reptar

There are limited options to avoiding prickly trimmed hair. The shorter you trim it the more prickly it will feel. After some time it does smooth out and the folicle tips become more rounded, but then you usually need to trim again. To reduce “hairs per square inch” you will need electrolysis for permanent results. Lasor can help to thin hair and may be a good bet to make it less coarse.


Unless you trim it very very short, it shouldn’t be too prickly.
Best bet for thinning out thick hair growth is to get it lasered.
Some also claim that repeated waxing can help the hair grow in finer, over a period of time.

I found that Johnstons Hair minimising cream (not sure if they sell it in America) worked, made the hairs appeared finer and less corse.

Works well with the No. 2 setting on a trimmer.


Hi Greta

In my experiance waxing has no thinning effect on hair regrowth no matter how much you practice it. Only lasor and electorolosis will really help for this. Next is simple shaving.