Trim Tone Epilator 2 - no indifferent electrode?

I am looking at performing DIY electrolysis and stumbled across this piece of equipment which I purchased:
I am yet to purchase reference books etc, but from reading online most units have a indifferent electrode for completing the circuit. Also on the back of the machine it states that it must be earthed but with no instructions I am at a loss as to what to do and for safety do not want to start playing around with it with testing the unit etc.
Has anyone used/seen something like this before? How do I ‘earth’ it? will it work without the indifferent electrode to hold?
I appreciate any help/suggestions :slight_smile:

What you have there is a thermolysis/diathermy only unit. Since it does not do galvanic, blend, nor have an auto-sensor, there is no indifferent electrode to be had. There never was one for this unit, and you could only have one if you added galvanic currents to the system. (it would be easier to just buy a blend unit)

I do hope you are planning to read up on the recommended books from our list of electrolysis reading and get a buddy to work with you, as you will get better and faster work when working on someone else, as opposed to trying to do it all on yourself.

Just an observation, but it seems like electrolysis machines from across the water vary differently than the ones sold in the United States. None the less, to answer your question earthed translated to United States english is ‘grounded’. And it appears the unit is already fully grounded and will have a fuse to automatically cut off a lethal dose of electric shock. If you are nervous about testing it out take it to a certified electrician before use.

As james said, its a thermolysis unit only. No electrical current will be applied, just some very fast moving atoms (heat).

Yikes! A notch on that unit for therm at 10?

Thanks James and iLikeDIY,

Definitely will be buddying up to attempt this, and I’m a big researcher on things I don’t know so will definitely be ‘book’ crazy before I even consider attempting it on a friend.

Sounds like I should just keep my eye out for a blend unit, do not think I will be ‘skilled’ enough for Therm only :slight_smile:

Please, don’t assume that you won’t be skilled enough. Electrolysis is like riding a bike, once you learn it there’s no way to fall off. Thermolysis is the quickest method to remove hair, both galvanic and thermolysis have their trade offs. But most electrologists prefer the latter (therm) over the older galvanic method.

As a DIY’er i’m going to go against the recommendation of people on this site and suggest read in ‘moderation’. Experience is the only sure-fire way to master electrolysis IMO. In your case, a simple understanding of how dangerous heat is to the skin is essential. But if you’re really book heavy by all means read away.

Consider this, my hour long electrolysis sessions usually include 1+2 drinks of hard liquor to make the time go by. Yet i’ve never scarred during one of these sessions. YMMV (Your mileage may vary) :slight_smile: