Triggered hair growth

I believe I am seeing some new growth of fine hair in ares adjacent to the laser treatment on the nape of my neck.

Also, I want hair reduction on other areas of my body, but the hair is much coarser there and I fear it will hurt even more than my nape. I am a male with type II/III skin and I was treated with the Candela GentleLase Plus at the following settings and dates:

18mm spot / 16 J 1/19/2004
15mm spot / 26 J 2/22/2004
18mm spot / 20 J 4/17/2004
18mm spot / 20 J 5/26/2004
15mm spot / 30 J 7/22/2004

I used no pain relievers. Should I try a different type of laser and practicioner, perhaps with additional pain relief? Should I switch to electrolysis for my nape and surrounding areas, or for everything? Has anyone else here experienced the triggered hair growth side effect, and how did you resolve it?


How does the new hair growth on your neck look like? Is it coarser and thicker than the rest? I donät know if I am seeing the same thing on me, I’m getting full back and shoulders done. I think I have got some hair that were not there before, but I realy don’t remember exactly, because I don’t remember how I looked like before starting treatment. But I’m pretty shore those hairs weren’t there.

Sorry for my bad english.
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